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Exclusive Look: What Drives Benefit Brokers

This 15-minute on-demand webinar will provide you with a exclusive access into the findings of IdentityForce’s 2018 Benefit Broker Survey. Polling 100+ benefit advisors across the U.S., we explore:

  1. New Findings Around Progressive Employee Benefits | What’s trending among clients regarding the most in-demand benefits and how you can ensure you stay competitive and uplift your presence as a trusted advisor
  2. Key Drivers for Your Client’s Adoption of New Benefits | How your clients are thinking about evaluating new benefits and what’s motivating them to embrace new benefits 
  3. Exclusive Review of IdentityForce’s New Dashboard | By slashing data entry by 70 percent, while also releasing the industry’s most comprehensive Member Manifesto, learn how IdentityForce is working alongside benefits advisors and brokers and providing them with the #1 rated ID protection to protect their clients’ employees.

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