Welcome. Your search for identity theft protection has brought you to IdentityForce. We know how easy it is to get bogged down with too much information when doing research, especially when comparing similar services. To help guide you, following is a brief list of the most important things your search should include.

Does the identity theft protection service include:

Both Identity Protection and Credit Monitoring?
Instant notification of suspicious activity?
Privacy protection tools for your online activities?
Ability to remove your information from public databases?
Frequent access to credit scores and reports?
Fully managed restoration and identity theft insurance?
Complete coverage for you, your spouse, and children?
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Industry Experts

"IdentityForce is identity theft protection that you can trust. They offer features for convenience, such as the ability to remove your name from junk mail lists, while still offering security you can count on. Because they offer such an impressive identity theft insurance plan of up to $1 million, this is an excellent service to consider."

— TopTenReviews.com

"IdentityForce is our winner for Best Identity Theft Protection Service. Many competitors only offer a service guarantee, whereas Identity Force is actually identity theft insurance. Their $1 million insurance plan is simply unmatched in the industry and in our opinion the safest way to recover from identity theft"

— ASecureLife.com

"Identity Protection Company Gets Near-Perfect User Score … BestIDTheftCompanys.com (BIDTC) has reviewed more than 40 identity theft protection services, and found IdentityForce to be a leading competitor. IdentityForce customers even ranked them with a 9.5 out of 10, having one of the highest average user score on BestIDTheftCompanys.com."

— BestIDTheftCompanys.com

"Identity Force is our top choice from the 16 Identity Theft Protection Services we've reviewed and wins our No. 1 Choice Award in this category!"

— No1Reviews.com

"IdentityForce provides you with a report of all your personal information that's been made public and appears on the Internet. If you find the information is incorrect or poses a threat to the safety of your identity, IdentityForce helps you remove it."

— Reviews.com

"It’s one of the most comprehensive packages available when it comes to identity monitoring and notification."

— IdentityTheftLabs


"Not bad at all. I am happy with the service. Its a good service that keeps me posted on all matters concerning my credit and id. its a little slow to update my actual checking account(s) …"

—Dennis S Feb 2017

"Peace of mind Identityforce gives us instantaneous reports via text messages and emails when any unusual activity occurs on any of our financial accounts. …"

—Bob L Feb 2017

"Easy to use! Works as advertised. customer service was easy to contact and was helpful."

—Carol A Jan 2017

"A satisfied customer A satisfied customer"

—Joseph S Jan 2017

"Excellent Service and dashboard!!! Identityforce does an excellent job in protecting identity and keeping customers informed about any changes in anything related to whatever they …"

—Sylvester R Jan 2017

"Fraud Alert Reminder tool After filling out the "fraud alert reminder", with all of my info the system had a pop up that said it was currently unavailable and …"

—Daniel L Jan 2017
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