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For Judy, identity theft protection is in her DNA—her dad started IdentityForce’s parent company in the 70s, and in the 80s, she and her brother came on board. She loves her dedicated team and how much they care about every member, partner, and supplier. In addition to protection against identity theft, Judy is passionate about travel (Aruba is her “happy place”!) and giving back. She volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association, Mazie Mentoring Program, and Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue. She’s also a proud mom to 2 grown daughters and 3 rescue dogs.

June 13, 2017

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The Circle of Identity Theft

As we move through the various stages of life, we learn, grow, and experience new situations, challenges, and people. Progressing through life means that you get to leave some things behind and look forward to others as you age and …Read More […]

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