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Posted on October 5, 2021 by in Identity & Privacy, Personal

The Scary Evolution of Identity Theft and Cybercrime

Few of the things that threaten individuals, families, and businesses are as spooky as identity theft and cybercrimes. In the first half of 2021 alone, nearly 53 million individuals were affected by data breaches. The resulting cybercrime can devastate your finances, ruin your online reputation, and be a nightmare to correct.

Cybercriminals can pivot quickly as new opportunities arise, adjusting their tactics to improve the effectiveness of their attacks. When you know the threats that are likely coming, however, you can “future proof” your protection and minimize the risk to yourself, your family, your business, and everyone you care about.

Don’t Give Scammers a Ghost of a Chance

Sontiq’s Haunted by Identity Crime? webinar features Al Pascual — a recognized cybersecurity expert who formerly led Javelin Strategy & Research as head of the security and fraud practice. In this 15-minute webinar, he will:

  • Share the five most common threats that are currently circulating,
  • Explain how those attacks are evolving so you know what future threats are likely, and
  • Outline the steps you can take now to avoid becoming a victim.

As always, we offer tips and recommendations for individuals and businesses to protect against cyber fraud and identity theft today and in the future.

Watch This Frighteningly Good Webinar

From today’s phishing lures to tomorrow’s digital driver’s licenses, Sontiq’s webinar Haunted By Identity Crime? How to Recognize the Top 5 Fraud and Identity Theft Scams has essential information for everyone.

In addition to the insights provided in the webinar, all registrants will receive a copy of the Fifth Anniversary Edition of Sontiq’s Protecting What Matters Most eBook where Pascual and other Sontiq experts – combined with research from more than 60 independent resources – analyze the cyberthreat landscape.  Join us!