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Does Your Bank Have Weak Password Security?

Top financial institutions lock down customer data with robust, multi-layer security that is completely impenetrable to hackers. At least, that’s the assumption many people might make. Unfortunately, the truth is sometimes very different. In a recent study that looked at …Read More […]

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Keep Your Money Safe by Avoiding These Popular Investment Scams

The stock market’s recent downturn had many investors fretting, but scammers were overjoyed. Whenever there’s uncertainty in the market, people tend to look for safe havens — and that’s when criminals go into high gear. Using phone calls, emails, and …Read More […]

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Cell Phone Privacy: The Truth About “Location Services”

If you’re like most people, you probably have mixed feeling about enabling “location services” on your cell phone, other portable electronic devices, or in-vehicle GPS. On one hand, it’s convenient that location-based apps always know where you are and can …Read More […]

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5 Home Wi-Fi Security Tips

One of the top ways to prevent identity theft is by being cautious with public Wi-Fi. After all, these connections can often be insecure and easily hijacked by thieves. We’ve advised waiting until you’re home to access banking and credit …Read More […]

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Identity Theft Statistics: How Much is a Stolen Identity Worth?

We often pore over identity theft statistics, seeing numbers about how many people are impacted by data breaches and the average cost of an identity theft strike. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what happens to all of …Read More […]

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