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David is aligned closely with c-level principals and provides them with coaching services focused on strategy, finance, ownership, deal structuring, and shareholder relationships, which led him to join one of his high-growth clients as their CFO. As a high-energy executive with a wealth of experience, David is a versatile corporate “fireman” who skills are often sought after to assess and resolve complex business challenges, as he brings critical insight for business leaders in transition. He is also a long-standing Special Crew Volunteer for Pan-Mass Challenge, an annual cycling fundraiser that strives to provide Dana-Farber's doctors and researchers the necessary resources to discover cures for all types of cancer.

How To Protect Your Employees From Identity Theft At The Office

When thinking about how to protect employees from identity theft, you’re likely thinking first about how they can be cautious around ATM machines, on social media, while doing online shopping and when checking their financial accounts. But what about at …Read More […]

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Stolen Wallets & Identity Theft: Avoid Carrying These 5 Things

Americans are carrying less cash in their wallet these days — 8 in 10 carry less than $50 on a regular basis — but that doesn’t mean we’re walking around with nearly empty wallets. On the contrary, it seems like …Read More […]

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Types of Identity Theft: Kickin’ It Old School

Since there are so many types of identity theft, we try to always keep you updated about new methods that thieves are using to steal identities. More often than not, these criminals turn to high-tech, digital tactics like phishing, spoofing, …Read More […]

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Own an Apple Device? Don’t Skip This Critical iOS Security Update

You may have installed Apple’s iOS 9.3.4 update only three weeks ago, but there’s already another one ready for you — and you want to make sure you download it as soon as possible. The update, iOS 9.3.5, came out …Read More […]

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Road Trips and Identity Theft

If you’re like most people, turning the page on your calendar this month may have been a little hard. There’s nothing like seeing the word “August” to remind you that another summer will be whizzing to an end faster than …Read More […]

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