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Public WiFi Safety Tips

Chances are that sometime over your holiday travels, you’ll need to wait it out in an airport lounge or local coffee shop. The wonderful thing about modern technology is that you’ll never be bored. Simply pull out your mobile phone …Read More […]

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Veteran Scams – Identity Theft & More

Every year around Veteran’s Day, I start thinking of all the veterans I know. And, of course, in my line of work, I start wondering if they’re taking all the right steps to protect themselves against identity theft. What about …Read More […]

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Phishing Scams: How to Protect Yourself

Picture this: last week, I’m waiting in line for coffee and my phone starts going off. Two text messages, an email, and a missed call from my bank alerting me to fraudulent activity on my account. For security reasons, they’ve …Read More […]

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Hackers Target Nest Thermostats

Last month, we told you about the vulnerabilities of some types of baby monitors. Earlier this month, we warned you about the risks associated with wearable fitness trackers. Now, we bring you another risk associated with wireless devices in the …Read More […]

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The Very Real Concerns for Wearable Technology Security

It seems like everyone I know is wearing a fitness tracker – even I have one. It’s a great way to keep track of your workouts, and it’s certainly made my gym routine simpler. But, just like all of that …Read More […]

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