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Ezzy is a working mother and educator. She writes from the perspective of a parent seeking to strike a balance between all that technology has to offer and its privacy implications. Ezzy lives in Boston with her husband, son, two dogs, and two chickens.

Been Targeted In Another Data Breach?

Have you shopped at your local Target in the last three weeks? If so, please check your bank and credit card statements, as soon as possible. In what appears to be one of 2013’s largest data breaches, the credit and …Read More […]

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To Hijack A Drone?

The announcement by a giant online retailer of their imminent commercial use of drones within five years to make small shipments is novel, promising customers the convenience of faster delivery times. Although the lure of same-day delivery for the next New York Times Bestseller is tempting, if …Read More […]

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Tis’ The Season To Get Your Identity Stolen

It’s that special time of year, again. Thanksgiving is less than a week away, as are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping days of the year. Between coordinating who’s cooking the turkey, or ham, attending your children’s school pageants, and making travel …Read More […]

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Give Wisely, Avoid Charity Fraudsters

It’s hard to imagine a more despicable fraudster, than the one who surfaces to prey on the kindness and generosity of people during times of natural disasters. Recent events, unfortunately, open the door for charity fraudsters to launch fraudulent charity …Read More […]

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Child Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Children are vulnerable to all sorts of crimes. One such crime that is often not discovered until several years later is child identity theft. It’s a silent and insidious crime that is perpetrated not only by strangers, but, also, by …Read More […]

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