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Ezzy is a working mother and educator. She writes from the perspective of a parent seeking to strike a balance between all that technology has to offer and its privacy implications. Ezzy lives in Boston with her husband, son, two dogs, and two chickens.

Surveillance Cameras And Privacy: How To Reconcile The Two?

Surveillance cameras are everywhere we go. Most are at places we expect, such as airports, intersections, court houses, and schools. Others we find at unlikely places like the dentist’s office, doggie day care, and dry cleaners. And for anybody wanting an extra layer of protection …Read More […]

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Enter To Win A Free iPad Mini & Other Great Prizes!

To celebrate our new look, we’re giving away some great prizes. We invite you to enter for a chance to win by simply sharing us with your friends. That’s it. Super easy. You can even increase your chance of winning …Read More […]

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Identity Theft: Inevitable With Fingerprint Scanners?

Identity theft was the last thing I thought of when I learned that the new iPhone 5S would rollout with Touch Id, Apple’s new fingerprint scanner technology. Fingerprint scanning is one of many biometric tools that uses physical or behavioral attributes to …Read More […]

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At Risk for Identity Theft? Take the Identity Theft Quiz

Identity theft risk — it’s probably not something you want to think about, but should. We invite you to take a minute to complete our brief Identity Theft Quiz to test your knowledge. Truth is that identity theft is a crime that can happen to …Read More […]

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Online Privacy Tips For Parents

Rapidly developing technologies make it challenging for parents to protect their children’s online privacy. Do you have a technically savvy child? Then you probably know what I’m talking about. My ten-year-old knows more about gadgets than I do, which means …Read More […]

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