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Heidi is a busy working mom who juggles many of the same responsibilities and challenges at home and at work - a long list of things to do and not enough time to do everything. With so little time, Heidi tries hard to find simple, but effective strategies to save time for what’s really important – spending time with her family.

Oracle Data Breach: MICROS System Compromised by Hackers

You’ve probably been hearing about several different data breaches in recent months at a wide range of stores, hotels, and retail locations — but a breach uncovered this week may just hold the key to all of them. Oracle Corp., …Read More […]

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Recent Data Breach Roundup: July 2016

Summer’s in full swing, and so are data breaches and security threats. As is the norm these days, cyber attacks are affecting companies of every size, in nearly every industry. The fallout can involve disrupted operations, exposed customer data and …Read More […]

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Scam Alert: Online Petition Scams & Other Threats

When debate gets especially heated, as it is right now about many hot-button issues, people can be passionate about their opinions. And that’s fine — as long as voicing them doesn’t lead to security risks. Identity thieves and other criminals are …Read More […]

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Recent Data Breach Roundup: June 2016

While many people are vacationing this time of year, cyber attackers never seem to take time off. Just as we’ve seen every month, companies of every size are being hit by data breaches that expose customer information. Here’s a look at …Read More […]

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Identity Theft Restoration Tips

Although you may do everything right — like changing passwords frequently, being careful on public Wi-Fi and checking your credit report quarterly — you may still find yourself in need of identity theft restoration help sometime in the future. Given the breadth …Read More […]

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