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Heidi is a busy working mom who juggles many of the same responsibilities and challenges at home and at work - a long list of things to do and not enough time to do everything. With so little time, Heidi tries hard to find simple, but effective strategies to save time for what’s really important – spending time with her family.

How to Prevent Identity Theft When Mailing Holiday Checks

Although I lean toward online bill payment, I tend to dust off my checkbook for the holidays — mainly for charities that don’t let you give via their websites along with young family members who are thrilled to get a …Read More […]

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Monthly Breach Roundup: November 2015 Security & Data Breaches

Worried that you may have been affected by a recent data or security breach? Don’t worry, we have a roundup of recent breaches — and you can check back at the beginning of every month for more updates. Here are …Read More […]

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Help Prevent Identity Theft on Black Friday

Not to boast, but I’ve become something of a Black Friday genius. I know exactly which stores are offering the best deals, when to line up and even where to park for the fastest exit. For shoppers like me, the …Read More […]

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Recent Data Breach Roundup: October 2015 Security & Data Breaches

It is incredibly important to stay on top of breaches — you never know when one may affect you. That’s why at the beginning of every month, we make sure to provide you with a roundup of recent data breaches. …Read More […]

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Scam Alert: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Like many people, I love giving to a good cause — doing volunteer work and sending donations lets me feel like I’m making a difference in the world. So I get upset when I hear about charity scams. These scammers …Read More […]

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