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For Judy, identity theft protection is in her DNA—her dad started IdentityForce’s parent company in the 70s, and in the 80s, she and her brother came on board. She loves her dedicated team and how much they care about every member, partner, and supplier. In addition to protection against identity theft, Judy is passionate about travel (Aruba is her “happy place”!) and giving back. She volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association, Mazie Mentoring Program, and Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue. She’s also a proud mom to 2 grown daughters and 3 rescue dogs.

Medical Identity Theft Concerns Continue to Grow

A few months back, we shared our apprehension that digitized medical records could lead to more medical ID thefts. At the time, we also shared some tips for protecting yourself (such as, get a copy of your medical records to …Read More […]

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3 Important Things You Need to Know About Synthetic Identity Theft

The concept of identity theft is probably not new to you – and it’s certainly not new to the millions of Americans who have had their identities stolen. However, the ways thieves violate our privacy and use our identities can …Read More […]

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Protecting Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

You’re probably feeling like you’ve heard a lot about credit fraud recently. If so, you may have a few questions. Like, “What is it? Should I be worried? How can I protect myself?” Well, you’re not the only one. We …Read More […]

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Identity Theft Statistics You Need to Know

If you’re on high alert because of the many breaches in credit card security and consumer data recently, it’s not without merit. Just check out the latest identity theft statistics. You’ve heard, of course, about the Home Depot data breach, …Read More […]

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Understanding the Everyday Impact of Identity Theft

The information age has made it easier than ever to do many of the things that make life interesting and fun.  With a few clicks of a keyboard, we can stay in touch with friends and family, shop, watch whatever …Read More […]

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