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For Judy, identity theft protection is in her DNA—her dad started IdentityForce’s parent company in the 70s, and in the 80s, she and her brother came on board. She loves her dedicated team and how much they care about every member, partner, and supplier. In addition to protection against identity theft, Judy is passionate about travel (Aruba is her “happy place”!) and giving back. She volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association, Mazie Mentoring Program, and Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue. She’s also a proud mom to 2 grown daughters and 3 rescue dogs.

Junk Mail Opt Out

Does it ever feel like you get more junk mail than “real” snail mail these days? Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy — it’s true. According to the United States Postal Service, advertising mail (aka junk mail) represented 61 percent …Read More […]

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Enhanced Identity Theft Protection: Change of Address Alerts

Your daily routine likely includes a walk out to your mailbox to check for any new deliveries. Every once in a while, the mailbox may be empty, but in general, you’re probably used to finding something in there — even …Read More […]

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Blackphone Bug Discovered That Could Affect Privacy

A vulnerability was discovered in Silent Circle’s Blackphone, a device that has been touted for its commitment to extreme privacy. The security flaw, found by security researchers at SentinelOne, could provide attackers with the ability to send and receive text …Read More […]

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Hello Kitty Data Breach

Hello Kitty has donned many outfits, from doctor’s scrubs to astronaut gear. But what will the famous character choose to wear as a potential identity theft victim? Recently, the brand’s company, Sanrio, announced that its popular online site for Hello …Read More […]

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2015 Data Breaches: A Look at the Biggest Breaches of the Past Year

Cyber criminals were busy in 2015; data breaches were frequent and the damage that they caused was significant. Some reports indicate that there were over 700 data breaches in 2015 alone. And while certain breaches were on the smaller side …Read More […]

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