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For Judy, identity theft protection is in her DNA—her dad started IdentityForce’s parent company in the 70s, and in the 80s, she and her brother came on board. She loves her dedicated team and how much they care about every member, partner, and supplier. In addition to protection against identity theft, Judy is passionate about travel (Aruba is her “happy place”!) and giving back. She volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association, Mazie Mentoring Program, and Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue. She’s also a proud mom to 2 grown daughters and 3 rescue dogs.

The Craziest Identity Theft Stories We’ve Heard So Far

Though most people don’t know the name John Duns Scotus, there’s actually a day in his honor (if you can call it that): National Dunce Day, which falls on Nov. 8. In celebration of the inane, here are some of …Read More […]

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Privacy Concerns Voiced as Senate Passes New Cybersecurity Bill

The U.S. Senate passed a cybersecurity bill on Tuesday and it is already the subject of great debate. In a 74-21 vote, the Senate was in favor of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), which promotes the sharing of hacking …Read More […]

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IdentityForce Awarded 5-Year Government-Wide Blanket Purchase Agreements

It’s no secret that IdentityForce works hard to protect individuals and families from identity theft, but some may not realize that we are also a trusted partner of the U.S. government. For years, we have been offering federal, state, and …Read More […]

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Recent Data Breach Roundup: September 2015 Security & Data Breaches

We’re living in an amazing time right now as our world becomes more digital and technology advances at the speed of light. However, with the positive changes come the negative as well — a major negative being security breaches and …Read More […]

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Scam Alert: Do You Know How to Spot a Scam?

Have you fallen for scams such as those that offer for free airline tickets? It seems like, every time your turn around, there’s yet another scam that you need be aware of – each one attempting to steal a bit …Read More […]

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