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For Judy, identity theft protection is in her DNA—her dad started IdentityForce’s parent company in the 70s, and in the 80s, she and her brother came on board. She loves her dedicated team and how much they care about every member, partner, and supplier. In addition to protection against identity theft, Judy is passionate about travel (Aruba is her “happy place”!) and giving back. She volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association, Mazie Mentoring Program, and Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue. She’s also a proud mom to 2 grown daughters and 3 rescue dogs.

Identity Theft Statistics: States with the Highest Identity Theft Rates

Because identity theft can occur online, with criminals cracking passwords to get into banking apps or credit card websites, it might seem like a victim’s location doesn’t matter. But identity theft statistics suggest otherwise. As we’ve reported in the past, …Read More […]

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Nepal’s Earthquake May Bring an Aftershock of Charity Scams

The tragic April 2015 earthquake in Nepal has inspired people around the world to donate toward relief services and medical aid. Unfortunately, the event is also a golden opportunity for charity scammers. Whenever a large-scale natural disaster occurs, charity scams …Read More […]

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What Is Identity Theft? The Crime of the Century!

When the Federal Trade Commission’s 2014 consumer complaints report was released in March 2015, commissioner Terrell McSweeny referred to identity theft as “the crime of the 21st century.” Since the dawn of this millennium, identity theft has been the top-ranked …Read More […]

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A Fresh Look at Medical Identity Theft

As more and more health systems digitize medical records and put information into cloud-based systems, there’s growing concern about an unintended side effect: medical identity theft. While these systems can improve efficiency — and reduce the number of medical errors …Read More […]

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The Biggest Data Breaches in 2015, So Far

As was the case in 2014, it hasn’t taken long this year for some serious data breaches to occur. Here are the stories that have gotten our attention. Note: This post will be continuously updated as new data breaches are …Read More […]

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