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Melanie is a native of Bolivia who has lived in Boston for over 10 years. She likes to make time to travel, jog, read, and play backgammon. Fueled by copious amounts of coffee, Melanie stays on top of her to-do list while also keeping abreast of identity theft issues. Serious data breaches are happening all the time in the U.S. and Melanie loves being part of a solution that brings peace of mind to families across the country.

Black Friday Identity Theft Risks

It’s hard to believe, but in just a few days, we’ll be marking the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season: Black Friday. Over the years, some fans of Black Friday have decided to forgo the craziness and look for …Read More […]

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Why Do People Steal Identities?

According to recent statistics, an identity is stolen every two seconds in America. We’re changing our passwords all the time, installing new protective software, and simply trying to be more vigilant about keeping our personal information safe. Some might say, …Read More […]

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Voter Registration Scams & Identity Theft – What You Need to Know

With the U.S. presidential election only days away, we can probably all agree that while both campaigns have been quite controversial, we’re all paying attention. It’s important to participate and take a real interest in the issues this election season, …Read More […]

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4 Scary (and Real) Identity Theft Stories

With Halloween coming up, you’ve probably had a few good scares already. Maybe a co-worker left a far too realistic-looking plastic spider on your desk, or the motion-activated spooky decorations on your neighbor’s lawn made you jump out of your …Read More […]

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Meet Steve: A CEO Who Practices What He Preaches

We know that finding a company you can trust to protect your most personal, prized possession — your identity — isn’t an easy thing to do. At IdentityForce, we take our jobs very seriously and appreciate all that you have …Read More […]

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