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Melanie is a native of Bolivia who has lived in Boston for over 10 years. She likes to make time to travel, jog, read, and play backgammon. Fueled by copious amounts of coffee, Melanie stays on top of her to-do list while also keeping abreast of identity theft issues. Serious data breaches are happening all the time in the U.S. and Melanie loves being part of a solution that brings peace of mind to families across the country.

4 Scary (and Real) Identity Theft Stories

With Halloween coming up, you’ve probably had a few good scares already. Maybe a co-worker left a far too realistic-looking plastic spider on your desk, or the motion-activated spooky decorations on your neighbor’s lawn made you jump out of your …Read More […]

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Meet Steve: A CEO Who Practices What He Preaches

We know that finding a company you can trust to protect your most personal, prized possession — your identity — isn’t an easy thing to do. At IdentityForce, we take our jobs very seriously and appreciate all that you have …Read More […]

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Debit or Credit? 3 Things To Keep In Mind

As our world becomes increasingly digital, many of us are opting to pay for purchases using debit cards rather than cash. Debit cards are easy to use, and the money comes right out of your bank account, so you don’t …Read More […]

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Scareware and Wetware: Threats Around Information Risk and Security

At this point, security threats are evolving so rapidly that experts are coming up with new terms just to classify them correctly. The latest additions to this list? Scareware and wetware. Many types of software-based threats are grouped under the …Read More […]

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Social Media Privacy: Are You Guilty of Oversharing?

Chances are, you’re among the 78 percent of Americans with a social media profile. Maybe you enjoy the “short and sweet” appeal of Twitter and Snapchat, or you like Facebook because it’s a great place to stay in touch with …Read More […]

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