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Melanie is a native of Bolivia who has lived in Boston for over 10 years. She likes to make time to travel, jog, read, and play backgammon. Fueled by copious amounts of coffee, Melanie stays on top of her to-do list while also keeping abreast of identity theft issues. Serious data breaches are happening all the time in the U.S. and Melanie loves being part of a solution that brings peace of mind to families across the country.

Medicare Scams You Need to Know About

For seniors, a seemingly helpful call can actually be a trap that leads to medical identity theft. Asking about health concerns, a caller offers assistance in navigating the sometimes complex Medicare reimbursement system. Some seniors may feel it’s too good …Read More […]

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What Are the Emotional Effects of Identity Theft?

Recently, a woman who’d been hit by identity theft called our offices, asking for help. After detailing the financial side of her exposure, she began talking about the personal aspects of the crime. Describing her fears about personal safety, she …Read More […]

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Don’t Get Fooled by These 3 Common Tax Scams

It seems the problem of tax fraud gets a little worse each year, and 2016 is no exception. The breadth of tax scams is now so intense that the IRS ended up issuing an alert in October, six months before …Read More […]

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Avoid Online Dating Scams with These 4 Tips

Every February, dating sites see a surge in activity, since people are inspired by Valentine’s Day and New Year’s resolutions to aim for romance. That’s good news if you’re ready to find love, as you’ll likely have more dating options. …Read More […]

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3 Valentine’s Day Scams You’ll Love to Hate

Although early February is awash in hearts, flowers, chocolates and romance, Valentine’s Day isn’t only for lovers. Unfortunately, it can also attract plenty of scammers. Identity thieves have learned that tying their efforts together with holidays, major events or news …Read More […]

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