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Melanie is a native of Bolivia who has lived in Boston for over 10 years. She likes to make time to travel, jog, read, and play backgammon. Fueled by copious amounts of coffee, Melanie stays on top of her to-do list while also keeping abreast of identity theft issues. Serious data breaches are happening all the time in the U.S. and Melanie loves being part of a solution that brings peace of mind to families across the country.

What Are the Most Secure Payment Methods?

Thanks to services like Apple Pay and innovations like EMV chips in credit cards, you likely have more payment options than space in your wallet (or in your smartphone). But having ample choices doesn’t necessarily translate into better security. When …Read More […]

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What Are Your Odds of Getting Your Identity Stolen?

One of the most entertaining aspects of the recent Powerball jackpot hitting $1.5 billion was the way analysts tried to explain an individual’s chances of winning (which was 1 in 292.2 million). Some analysts pointed out that you’d be four …Read More […]

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Password Safety: Should You Be Using a Password Manager?

The start of a fresh year is irresistible. There’s such a sense of hope associated with getting organized, making changes, and kicking off new and healthy habits. You may have some big resolutions already, but here’s an easy one to …Read More […]

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Five Ways You Can Keep Help Prevent Identity Theft in 2016

Many people have an irresistible urge to make resolutions as the calendar flips to a new year. They declare this will be the year for healthy work habits and less squandered social media time, with a bit more exercise thrown …Read More […]

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Scam Alert: Charity Scams

When the holiday season unofficially kicked off the day after Thanksgiving with Black Friday, you may have gotten a little lost among all of the other shopping days with cute titles like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. So many …Read More […]

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