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Posted on November 14, 2017 by in About Identity Protection, Business, Children & Families, Identity & Privacy, Personal

It’s been a big year for our product and development teams at IdentityForce! In May, we launched, what is now, an award-winning mobile application for iOS and Android. Followed by our first Gold Stevie Award for UltraSecure+Credit. On top of the Gold Stevie, we also took home the People’s Choice Stevie Award for best new product. We are truly thankful for all the support our members and clients have shown us throughout our nearly 40 years in business, and particularly over this last year.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to IdentityForce’s latest innovation – our Social Media Identity Monitoring (SMIM) Suite.

But before I go into all the detail of what’s included, I did want to take a moment to share more of the “behind the scenes” view regarding how new features are prioritized within our product roadmap. At IdentityForce, we are constantly seeking new ways to actively listen to our members and clients. Focus groups, testing councils, surveys, reviews, and daily updates from our Member Experience and Support Teams, are some of the ways we do this.

I’m proud to be part of a company that really has its members and their needs at the foundation of our vision and strategy. When asking our members what they wanted to see us tackle next, here were some of the responses:

  • “I would like to have an option to monitor social media accounts to help secure my identity.” – Member since 2013
  • “I have three younger children. If you could create some social media monitoring tool to oversee their activities on social media I would be interested, and I would move that to #1.” – Member since 2016
  • “With the high usage of Social Media this is a popular target for identity fraud.” – Member since 2016
  • “Monitoring social media concerns me because of the privacy issues that don’t really seem to be very protected.” – Member since 2014

Protection from Social Threats, Safeguarding Social Reputations for IdentityForce Members

We continue to listen to our members’ feedback and their concerns about protecting their identities and those of their family members too. In addition, our team of Identity Theft experts is also aware that cybercriminals are finding increased vulnerabilities and methods, for example, to buy and sell Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on the Dark Web.

These hackers can gain access to a treasure trove of personal information that can be used to steal your identity and even fool your friends and family with scams to clean out bank and investment accounts. Today’s employers often use social media to screen candidates and reprimand or fire employees based on what can be viewed as inappropriate activity. With so much of our world displayed on social media sites, a social hack is an attack on everything you’ve built.

IdentityForce’s new Social Media Identity Monitoring suite monitors Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram accounts for threatening social network activity and posts that could be perceived as violent, are using profanity, or could even be categorized as cyberbullying or discriminatory. Members can monitor their own social media accounts, those of their children, and other family members. In just seconds, IdentityForce SMIM’s key features can help members take control of their digital identity by:

  • Safeguarding against cybercriminals who want to steal your identity
  • Rapidly notifying you of potentially hacked accounts
  • Protecting you from activity that could damage your reputation
  • Proactively alerting you to potential cyberbullying
  • Blocking unsafe materials

You can view a short video below that explains more about our Social Media Identity Monitoring suite.

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