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EZShield aquires IdentityForce
Posted on August 15, 2018 by in Business, Personal

Today is a milestone – both for me personally and professionally. August 15th, 2018 is the day that I believe will have a profound impact on raising industry standards in digital identity theft protection and cybersecurity. Today is the day that we are officially announcing that EZShield, a portfolio company of The Wicks Group (“Wicks”) and the leader in digital identity protection and resolution, has acquired IdentityForce.

A Digital Identity Theft Protection & Cybersecurity Powerhouse

Back in 2005 when my sister, Judy Leary, and I founded IdentityForce we knew that we had created something very special. As new technologies have exploded into the market over the past 13 years, so have new threats to our identities, privacy and credit. Over the years, IdentityForce has been laser-focused on continuous innovation to meet these threats head-on, and provide our members the industry’s most comprehensive, best-in-class identity theft protection.

But for me and Judy, it’s always been about the people. Since launching IdentityForce, we’ve built a committed and passionate team who won’t stop ensuring that all of our members have 100 percent peace of mind. We’ve worked with some of the largest Fortune 500 enterprises and governmental agencies, built a consumer business with the best and most loyal members a company could ask for (THANK YOU!), and we’ve been able to keep IdentityForce a family-owned and operated business.

But we knew it was time to let the business grow to its fullest potential and by uniting with the team at EZShield, we whole-heartedly believe that the combination of our two companies will bring a next-generation silver bullet – a powerhouse, as we like to say – that will be unlike any other force in the industry.

This acquisition unites two best-in-class leaders focused on world-class client, partner and member support with solutions built on integrity, security, and trust.

Why Now?

We feel this is the perfect time for an EZShield and IdentityForce collaboration. Why?

Cybercrime is the biggest threat to companies around the world, and identity theft is a large part of the fallout.  As technology continues to advance and more avenues for transmitting data emerge, we’re seeing exponential growth around fraud and identity crimes. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, global spending on cybersecurity will exceed $1 trillion over the next five years. The market for identity theft protection services is anticipated to reach more than $24 billion by 2025.

As cyber and identity crimes increase in number and complexity, our combined expertise and our superior Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings will enable us to provide the strongest digital security measures available. That’s our commitment to our customers.

By uniting with EZShield, IdentityForce is able to expand into small businesses and financial institutions, while also retaining its presence with key audiences including consumers, organizations, strategic partners/resellers, benefit brokers, federal and state government agencies and breach response clients.

Both of our companies also share a powerful commitment to educate and develop identity crime prevention strategies. For example, EZShield sponsors the website, Fighting Identity Crimes, and IdentityForce offers consumers and businesses tips via its consumer and business blogs, monthly protection newsletter, and an annual eBook: Protecting What Matters Most.

I’m extremely excited for what the future holds for the EZShield and IdentityForce teams, and for all those we work with every day.

What’s Next for IdentityForce – its Solutions, its Technology, and its Employees?

The EZShield and IdentityForce brands will remain as they are today, however, we expect that as our integration plans progress, there may be some improvements ahead to further unify our companies under one umbrella.

For businesses and organizations we currently work with, you’ll have access to both companies and if there are ways we can further help support existing and new customers with our joint solutions, we will be thrilled to have those discussions. For our consumer and individual/employee benefit members, everything will remain as it is today for the foreseeable future. There will not be any service disruptions, changes to plans, or pricing.

You’ll still get to work with all of our team members at IdentityForce, and I’ll be directly involved throughout this process to ensure full alignment of our employees, members, customers, and partners.

Both EZShield’s and IdentityForce’s employees remain committed to delivering the world-class service and support we are both known for, and I’ve already had the opportunity to see both of our teams working together and let’s just say, the best is yet to come!

Before I hand things over to Dale Dabbs, EZShield’s CEO, I just want to go back to the IdentityForce employees (both past and present) and extend my sincerest gratitude and admiration. This industry is complex and by having a team of innovators, entrepreneurs, introverts, and extroverts – the emotional intelligence, highly-effective leadership, and unwavering teamwork is what has made IdentityForce the company it’s been and the organization it will now be with EZShield.  I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished together and I’m so proud of the team I know you’ll be in the future. THANK YOU.

Perspective from the EZShield Frontline

by Dale Dabbs, President and CEODale Dabbs CEO and President EZShield

Thanks just isn’t enough Steve!

The company and team that Steve and Judy have built since 2005 has impressed us for years. As our friendship has grown from our initial business meetings, we’ve gotten to know IdentityForce not just for being highly-regarded throughout the industry, but for being a world-class team that won’t stop fighting for its customers, partners, and members. To say our EZShield team is excited about this collaboration is an understatement – we are ready to work together to make this a true powerhouse – across, people, process, product, and technology.

Between our shared values, experts in the field, focus on robust cybersecurity tools, and dedication to customer service, our collective vision made this an ideal and meaningful acquisition. We look forward to continuing to set and elevate industry standards with IdentityForce in identity theft protection and cybersecurity, while working collaboratively to serve all audiences and ensure we continue to deliver the best protection.

Watch this space as we have new, impactful announcements we’ll be making to further deliver value to our joint customers and partners, while also helping us accelerate our market trajectory.

Steve, I agree. Today is indeed a milestone. I’m thrilled to welcome IdentityForce to EZShield, and I know this partnership will be a true game changer for all those we protect.

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