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Posted on March 20, 2018 by in Children & Families, Identity & Privacy, Personal

The recent, widely-publicized data breaches and hacks have made U.S. consumers increasingly aware of the harm identity theft can have on their lives and livelihoods. According to FICO’s latest consumer finance trend research, 44 percent of U.S. consumers named identity theft and banking fraud as their top concern. That’s more than twice the amount (18 percent) of people who fear terrorist attacks.

Identity theft is a serious and growing problem. It is an intense, personal violation – its impact can follow you around for years, and it affects more than just the victim. Your employer will suffer from you missing work to restore your good name. Your family can fall on hardship from financial losses or damaged credit. And, all of your personal relationships will take a hit due to your stress and unavailability. The Identity Theft Resource Center found that 17% of victims reported an important relationship has ended or been negatively impacted by identity theft.

Adults are not the only ones targeted by fraudsters. As detestable as it sounds, identity thieves will often target those who can’t protect themselves – our children. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 6% of all identity theft victims are under age 20. This silent, insidious crime is used to exploit a child’s personal information and open new lines of credit, apply for credit and debit cards, car loans, mortgages, or utilities. Child identity theft can go unnoticed for years, only to be discovered when they apply for their first loans or credit cards. Imagine your child not being able to purchase a car, attend college, or move out on their own until they repair years of financial ruin.

In today’s digital world, everybody’s information is available online, and cybercriminals make their living buying and selling this sensitive data on the dark web. It’s no longer a matter of if, but when your personal information will be compromised, so it’s critical that you take the steps to protect what matters most – the identities of yourself and your family members.

Family identity theft protection from IdentityForce, named the 2017 Best-In-Class identity protection service provider by Javelin Strategy & Research, allows you to add a spouse or partner, and safeguard your children’s identities. Here’s how it works…

4 Pillars of Protection

  1. Monitor

For everyone included in your family protection plan, we continuously monitor your identity, privacy, and credit by using innovative and proactive identity theft protection technology. We’ll detect illegal selling of your personal, financial, and credit information.

  1. Alert

IdentityForce provides an early warning system rapidly notifying you when your personal information is at risk. Our alerts are sent to your smart phone, tablet, and/or desktop computer, so you have the power to act before damage is done.

  1. Control

Our interactive dashboard tools let you take total control of you and your family members’ security. Understand credit scores, and where or how online information is being used. Protect your keystrokes, PIN numbers, and credit card information.

  1. Recover

In the event personal information is compromised, Certified Protection Experts offer comprehensive, 24/7 recovery services. We’ll complete the paperwork, make the calls, and handle every detail to restore the victim’s identity. And, you’re covered by our nationwide $1 million identity theft insurance policy.

If you are ready to take the first step to protect yourself and your family, learn more about our products and pricing today.

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