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credit card fraud
Posted on December 23, 2013 by in Data Breach & Technology, Personal

Have you shopped at your local Target in the last three weeks? If so, please check your bank and credit card statements, as soon as possible. In what appears to be one of 2013’s largest data breaches, the credit and debit card data of approximately 110 million Target customers has been stolen. The criminals who hacked into Target’s internal systems were able to steal the data of only those customers who physically shopped in their stores since Black Friday.

If you think your information might’ve been compromised, below are five quick steps you can take immediately. Moreover, if you believe your identity may have been stolen, you will need to act as soon as possible, click here to read a complete list of recommended steps.

  1. Check your bank and credit card statements for fraudulent charges;
  2. Contact your bank and credit card issuers to request new cards;
  3. Change pins for any cards you don’t replace;
  4. Order a copy of your credit report;
  5. Contact the credit bureaus to ask that a fraud alert or credit freeze be placed on your credit file.

Is this the only data breach in 2013 that has affected you? I can think of a few of that have personally affected me:  Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Gmail (The ones I know about). It disturbs me to know how many times my personal information has been compromised.

I don’t know about you, but all the password changing, forgetting, resetting, and forgetting has become a way of life. There’s got to be a better way. Still, it sure beats the alternative.

If you’re not already closely monitoring your identity, privacy, and credit, now is a good time to start.