December 9, 2015

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7 Reasons to Give the Gift of Enhanced Identity Theft Protection This Holiday Season

Why do we give gifts during the holiday season? To show our friends and family that we care about them, of course.

However, finding the “perfect” gift is often a struggle. Trying to prove to someone how much they mean to us by focusing on possessions can feel trivial.

“Mom, I love you so much that I bought you this nice…candle.”

There’s hope for gift-giving this holiday season, though. Purchase an IdentityForce subscription for one or all of your loved ones and feel proud knowing they’ll be able to enjoy the gift of enhanced identity theft protection all year long.

Why does an IdentityForce subscription make such a great present? Here are 7 key reasons:

  1. Approximately 1 out of every 4 adults have their identities stolen each year. When you give your friend or family member an IdentityForce subscription, we will monitor their personal information 24/7 — and quickly alert them if anything looks suspicious.
  2. If your loved one does have their identity stolen or personal information compromised, IdentityForce’s Certified Protection Experts will step right in. They save members hundreds of hours by completing all necessary paperwork, making calls, and handling every detail to ensure identities are restored as quickly as possible.
  3. All IdentityForce subscribers are covered by our nationwide $1 million Identity Theft insurance policy. How’s that for a great gift?
  4. You’ll help your loved ones take control of their identities and what they’re putting out into the world. UltraSecure+Credit, our enhanced identity theft protection package, includes credit reports, a credit score tracker, and, coming soon, Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts which will alert you to problems related to credit card and bank account fraud. IdentityForce also offers DeleteNow, a way to find personal information that has been made public online — and delete it.
  5. The ability to receive a variety of identity theft-related alerts including: Change of Address, Court Record, Credit Report, Fraud, Identity, Payday Loans, and Sex Offenders.
  6. Access to ChildWatch, an added service with an adult IdentityForce membership. Children have become prime targets for identity theft because they are blank slates with no credit history. ChildWatch monitors the identity of the children that you and your loved ones care about.
  7. By choosing to gift an affordable IdentityForce subscription, you have the potential to save your friends and family a lot of money. Approximately 15 million U.S. residents have their identities stole every year and the financial losses total upwards of $50 billion. A thoughtful gift can make a big difference for someone you love!

Ready to finish your holiday shopping right now? It only takes a few minutes to give the gift of enhanced identity theft protection and, to make our identity theft protection services even more affordable, we’re offering the following holiday promotions: Save 27% on UltraSecure and 17% on UltraSecure+Credit — select a plan and get started!

Melanie Medina

Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at IdentityForce
Melanie is a native of Bolivia who has lived in Boston for over 10 years. She likes to make time to travel, jog, read, and play backgammon. Fueled by copious amounts of coffee, Melanie stays on top of her to-do list while also keeping abreast of identity theft issues. Serious data breaches are happening all the time in the U.S. and Melanie loves being part of a solution that brings peace of mind to families across the country.