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identity theft 101
Posted on September 3, 2014 by in Data Breach & Technology, Identity & Privacy, Personal

The information age has made it easier than ever to do many of the things that make life interesting and fun.  With a few clicks of a keyboard, we can stay in touch with friends and family, shop, watch whatever we want, whenever we want to, and manage our finances down to the penny.  But, unless you’re really careful, all this convenience can come with a whopping price tag.

We’ve all seen news stories about big data breaches and department store security scandals.  No one can deny that today’s “ripped from the headlines” identity theft statistics are real… and really scary.

  • Every two seconds another American is the victim of identity theft
  • Over 13 million people suffered from identity theft in 2013
  • Theft of government documents/benefits fraud is a leading threat to your safety

Whether it’s two guys in a garage, or a sophisticated gang of professional hackers located halfway across the world, the fact is there are a lot of bad guys who want what only you can give them—your identity.

How do they steal your information? What’s the impact on real people just like you?  What can you do to protect yourself and your family?  We’ve researched and gathered the facts from over a dozen trusted sources.  Here’s just a snippet:

How identity thieves disrupt every part of your everyday life:

  • File fraudulent tax returns
  • Destroy your hard-earned credit rating
  • Make it difficult for you to find a job or lease an apartment.

We’d like to share all of this valuable information with you in an easy to understand graphic designed to help enlighten and educate.  Be sure to check out our Top Ten Ways to Prevent Identity Theft checklist at the bottom. Remember, over time it is possible to recover from identity theft, but it’s important to act quickly.

identity theft 101 infographic