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Posted on November 19, 2020 by in About Identity Protection, Business, Credit Fraud & Monitoring, Data Breach & Technology, Employee Benefits, ID Protection Tips & Awareness, Identity & Privacy, Personal, Safeguarding Customers

Americans are doing more than ever online. Even if you aren’t an avid internet shopper, almost every organization you interact with — from doctors’ offices to governmental entities to restaurants — is storing your personal information electronically. Any of these organizations can experience a data breach — and unfortunately, they do.

There are, on average, more than 1,200 data breaches and 14 million victims of identity theft every year. Unfortunately, it’s very likely that your information makes up part of the 15 billion consumer credentials for sale on the dark web.

Data Breaches Happen Often, and Each One is Different

On average, four data breaches happen every day. What most people don’t understand is that every data breach is different. Each data compromise situation exposes different types and combinations of personal information.

But most data breach notices don’t provide you with much information. They often don’t share the full picture of what information was compromised, nor what the risks are. Worse yet, they offer general — and often ineffective — advice about what to do.

Data Breach Intelligence Should Analyze Your Unique Breach History

Each time your personal information is compromised, it adds to the valuable cache of information about you on the dark web. This means that even when millions of people have the same set of credentials exposed in a breach, each person will face different risks based on how complete their black-market profile is. Every new breach adds fresh pieces to the puzzle cyber actors are crafting to use in their financial and identity schemes.

Not many consumers are aware of this, and it’s understandable why. Until now, there was no way to obtain a professional analysis of your unique data breach history to understand your specific threats.

Sontiq acquired Breach Clarity to provide a unique approach to breach risk intelligence. As a result of the acquisition, Sontiq’s products — IdentityForce®, Cyberscout®, and EZShield® — all built on its tech-enabled Intelligent Identity Security (IIS) Platform, will have the proprietary capability, BreachIQ™.

The Best Protection is Specific and Personalized

Sontiq’s acquisition of Breach Clarity, and the inclusion of BreachIQ into the Sontiq IIS platform, banishes the one-size-fits-all approach to data breach response by offering hyper-personalized data breach risk intelligence like never before. This new approach is enabled by Breach Clarity’s patent-pending algorithm that evaluates more than 1,300 data points associated with each publicly reported data breach.

Our personalized breach intelligence includes:

  • A picture of your data breach history in a personal dashboard.
  • A risk score for each breach, so you can quickly and easily understand the severity.
  • Custom-curated risk mitigation strategies based on the unique risks you face as a result of your breach history.
  • Alerts when it’s detected that your information has been compromised in a new breach.

The in-depth approach takes into consideration all the various types of identity theft that could result in your stolen personal information. This may include a wide variety of both common and lesser-known threats, such as medical identity fraud, synthetic identity fraud, credit card fraud, advance fee schemes, account takeover fraud, and Social Security number fraud.

Are you ready for the future of hyper-personalized data breach intelligence? Learn more!


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