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Posted on November 12, 2020 by in Employee Benefits, Identity & Privacy, Personal, Safeguarding Customers

Identity theft isn’t new, but it’s become a big business for thieves. Making money from your identity is their full-time job, and they never rest.

As the threat to you personally grows, so do the variety of protection services. It seems like everywhere you turn — maybe it’s your bank, insurance broker, and credit card company, you’re being offered FREE protection, and it’s unclear how the service is actually powered. Whether it’s in the form of credit or Dark Web monitoring, and even some flavor of recovery services, you’re bombarded with protection offers at minimal or no cost to you and your family.

Sound too good to be true?

You may be tempted to take the free way out. But, your identity is too important to rely on “just another service” from companies that don’t have the depth of experience or decades of expertise to actually support you through a full recovery process. Not only that, those minimal to no cost services don’t provide comprehensive monitoring of all the various ways your identity can be compromised. Did you know there are at least a dozen different types of fraud? And, let’s not forget about children’s identities too — one of the most vulnerable groups due to the extent to which any misuse can go undetected for years.

Let’s face it. With 14 million adults annually having their identities compromised, along with over a million children, does it make sense to place your trust in a solution that isn’t “all-in” when it comes to fully protecting your privacy and security?

Not Worth the Risk | 5 Reasons to Say No to Free or Minimal Cost ID Theft & Credit Monitoring 

1. Identity Theft is a Constant Threat, Requiring Comprehensive 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

Have you ever received a notification that your identity was involved in a data breach? Odds are, you have, along with millions of other Americans every year. There are now 15 billion consumer accounts circulating on the Dark Web, and millions are free for the taking by anyone with bad intentions. Given the prolific nature of breaches, most individuals have had their personal information exposed to cyberthieves, which means they are all the more susceptible to identity theft. In fact, one in three data breach victims become identity theft victims, too. For one in five, they experience identity theft more than once. Identity theft can be the gift that keeps on giving — a gift that nobody asked for.

You would never leave your wallet on the street for someone to take. Your entire identity — your financial livelihood, and that of your family — shouldn’t be left unprotected, either.

But it’s not just data breaches and data leaks that do harm to your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Threats are everywhere, from phishing emails to fake websites, from imposter scams to mail theft. Once they have your PII, there are thousands of ways scammers and fraudsters can do damage to your life.

You can’t watch over every threat to your identity 24/7 on your own. You need serious, expert identity protection so you can rest easy.

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2. How much is your peace of mind and security worth?

The saying, “you get what you pay for,” holds true when it comes to identity protection, too. Free credit monitoring services protect against less than 20% of identity theft that occurs every year, which could lead to a compromised identity. On top of that, “free” identity theft protection services you may think you get from your bank, credit card, or insurance company are only offering you a very limited amount of monitoring. Again, do you know which service is actually powering the offering? Comprehensive identity theft protection helps safeguard you against unemployment fraud, tax fraud, medical ID theft, synthetic identity theft — the fastest-growing financial crime in the United States — and dozens of other types of identity theft.

A free credit freeze may provide consumers with a false sense of security that their personal information is now safe. The fact is credit freezes alone aren’t enough to fully thwart identity thieves. Freezes are limited because they really only help potentially protect against new accounts opened in your name, and new fraudulent account openings are actually one of the rarest types of identity theft out there, affecting only four percent of victims according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Credit monitoring or credit freezes alone do not protect you, your family, and all those you care about from identity theft. Signing up for the free service offered after a data breach may make the organization feel better about their part in exposing your identity, but in reality, it’s not enough to provide you with complete peace of mind that your personal information is safe.

Comprehensive ID theft protection needs layered, proactive monitoring of all the critical components that make up your digital identity — a level of protection and expertise that is just not offered through free services.

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3. You Need Help, Now! And, You Don’t Want to Be Bounced Around

When you are fighting the damage caused by an identity thief to get your life back, recover stolen funds, and clear your name, do you want to face it on your own? It can take months and hundreds of hours to recover from identity theft. That’s time taken away from your family and your work, an exponential increase in your stress, and money out of your pocket.

During a highly stressful time, it can quickly get overwhelming to make sure you’re filing all the right reports, contacting the right people, and continually following up to resolve the issue. With identity theft protection from IdentityForce, you have a dedicated Certified Identity Restoration Expert on your side, guiding you every step of the way, and doing the work for you.

IdentityForce experts also look beyond a single identity theft event to look for other signs that fraud has occurred, and work with you to put protective measures in place to reduce the chance it happens again. While no service or DIY method can prevent identity theft from occurring, having IdentityForce monitoring your sensitive personal and financial information 24 hours a day takes away much of the stress and worry next time you get that notice you’ve been impacted by a data breach, receive a phishing email you accidentally click, or mistakenly give your information to an imposter over the phone.

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4. Legacy Builds Trust & Confidence, Along with Best-in-Class Services

To be best-in-class, it takes more than deep pockets. It takes decades of experience, a brand built on trust with a clean compliance history, the agility and flexibility to respond to industry trends, and a commitment to keep identities safe in an increasingly digitalized world, where the volume and velocity of data breaches continue to escalate.

IdentityForce has once again been named the 2019 Identity Protection Service Provider Best-In-Class Award Winner by Javelin Strategy & Research, outranking 13 other providers. We’ve also earned a Gold Stevie Award for having the best product in our industry, won multiple People’s Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite New Product, and we’re the #1 Identity Protection Service on TopTenReviews, Tom’s Guide, CNBC, Investopedia, Techradar, and more. Learn more about our achievements here.

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5. Go With What’s Real, Proven, and Trusted by Millions of Consumers

Fighting identity theft is not easy. Protecting millions of individuals and children from the impact of identity crimes is in our DNA, and it is our complete focus every day.

  • It’s Who We Are | We pioneered the personal information security and protection services industry, and have been perfecting it for more than 40 years. Our history of providing award-winning, best-in-class services is unmatched, and gives you the confidence you need to ensure you have the best identity theft protection available.
  • It’s All We Do | Identity theft protection is our business. Period. Our laser focus on providing the industry’s #1 rated service is further underscored by the resources we publish for both individuals and businesses, our continuous involvement with the press around key industry events impacting the world at large, and how we regularly create member preview communities of new capabilities and surveys to obtain member feedback from the frontline.
  • It’s Why We Don’t Stop | With award-winning, 24/7 U.S-based member support, we never stop. And, if a member should become a victim of identity theft, we won’t throw in the towel until it’s resolved completely. Our white-glove, fully managed identity restoration provides world-class support and a 100 percent recovery success rate.

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