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Posted on October 15, 2020 by in About Identity Protection, Business, Identity & Privacy, Personal

A lot has happened since May 2017. This was when the IdentityForce Mobile App first launched as a response to overwhelming member feedback, along with recognizing that our members needed a seamless way to take control of protecting their identities anywhere, anytime. Then, about a year later, IdentityForce Mobile went through another round of enhancements.

Over the last year, IdentityForce Mobile has now evolved even further — with a new, refreshed user interface, combined with mobile cybersecurity functionality.

That’s right, in addition to a new look, IdentityForce Mobile now includes comprehensive mobile device scanning and related alerts to help ensure the safety and security of individuals and families. By applying a key component of its Mobile Defense Suite™ to the IdentityForce Mobile App, consumers now can take advantage of a new feature, Mobile Attack Control™, which monitors and alerts IdentityForce Mobile App users to a wide array of threats including rogue apps, spyware, unsecured Wi-Fi connections, and even recognizes fake or “spoof” networks. You also get access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), that provides a secure internet connection anywhere you go.

The best part? IdentityForce members now get the value-added protection of Mobile Attack Control at no additional cost.

Watch the Video Below to See how IdentityForce Mobile Alerts Users to Device Threats & Security Compromises

The updated version of IdentityForce Mobile is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

We Take Protecting Identities Seriously

With the ubiquity of mobile devices being used for both personal and business reasons, the number of mobile phone takeovers has increased by 79 percent year-over-year. IdentityForce’s award-winning Mobile App features a number of security capabilities to protect against Identity fraud and mobile threats including cybersecurity protection, rapid alert dashboard and notifications, financial and personal protection, comprehensive credit monitoring, on-the-fly social media identity monitoring, and multi-security features.

If you are not already a member, sign up for your IdentityForce protection free trial membership. IdentityForce Mobile with Mobile Attack Control is available to members at no cost.