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Posted on October 7, 2021 by in Children & Families, Credit Fraud & Monitoring, Identity & Privacy, Personal

Families are a growing target for cybercrime, with each member – adults and children alike – facing unprecedented volume and velocity of threats across every aspect of daily life:

It’s why Sontiq is proud to announce the industry’s first digital safety and security features for families as part of its comprehensive identity theft and cyberthreat protection. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2021, these new features will become available in Sontiq’s Identity Theft Protection plans for families. They include cyberbullying reimbursement, social engineering resolution and reimbursement, and ransomware resolution and reimbursement.

Vulnerabilities at Every Angle

Whether through cyberbullying, social engineering threats, or ransomware attacks, we’re all vulnerable. Countering these ubiquitous cyberthreats is increasingly difficult for time-pressed, digital families. And repairing the damage of a successful cyberattack can quickly drain a family’s financial and mental resources.

In response, a robust and continuously evolving set of ID theft and cyberthreat features is needed to enable families to protect what they have worked so hard to build.


“We take protecting every angle of an individual’s and family’s digital identity seriously. Having these new features included in our identity theft protection plans is another industry-leading step we are taking to help ensure the digital safety and security of our members,” said Sontiq President and CEO Brian J. Longe. “This, combined with our focus on empowering parents with meaningful educational material, will help keep their family’s sensitive personal information theirs.”



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