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lost wallet
Posted on November 19, 2015 by in Identity & Privacy, Personal

Think about everything you keep in your wallet: credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, driver’s license — maybe even your passport, health insurance card, or social security card. If you are like most people, you are probably carrying around much more than you really need. You know, just in case.

But what would you do if you lost your wallet somewhere on the street? What if someone broke in to your car and took your wallet? Or what if a thief grabbed it out of your purse when you weren’t looking?

Regardless of the ways a wallet can be lost, one thing is for certain — it leaves people feeling very vulnerable and confused. Not only can thieves use the stolen cards and personal documents to take money, but they can also now completely steal another person’s identity. With documents like social security cards, passports, and driver’s licenses, identity thieves have all they need to cause a lot of damage.

If you are an IdentityForce customer with Lost Wallet Assistance, getting everything back on track is not nearly as hard as it may seem. Lost Wallet Assistance helps you to quickly cancel and replace debit, credit, and ATM cards if your wallet is lost or stolen.

When you log in to your IdentityForce dashboard, there is a section for Lost Wallet Assistance where you can store all of your important card numbers before you lose your wallet. Securely add all of your numbers for credit cards, debit cards, and ATM cards. This keeps everything in one central location that you can easily access whenever you need to.

If you lose your wallet, you are able to simply log in to your dashboard, grab those missing card and ID numbers, and contact the necessary companies and organizations to cancel and replace them. You won’t have to worry about digging through all of your files and stacks of paper to find your banking information or contact details. Then, once you find the contact information, you won’t have to give away all of your personal information and remember “secret” phone passwords you don’t remember creating — because you’ll have all of your account numbers right in front of you. Lost Wallet Assistance makes the entire process of replacing cards easier and less stressful.

We know that not everyone will have easy and immediate access to their IdentityForce dashboard if his or her wallet is stolen. That’s why our Lost Wallet Assistance includes unlimited calls to our Member Services concierge. We can help you contact companies by finding the phone numbers you’ll need, allowing you to reach out to the right people, right away. We can also answer any questions you have and coach you through the entire process. Some people feel very alone when they lose their wallets, but IdentityForce customers don’t have to.

Our Member Services Team can also send you a copy of the Consumer Guide to Identity Theft, or transfer you to a Restoration Specialist in the event that your identity is stolen.

Losing your wallet is stressful, but replacing your cards and documents doesn’t need to be. Most companies are great about canceling and replacing cards quickly, and with IdentityForce helping you the entire way, your lost wallet will soon be a distant memory. Lost Wallet Assistance is yet another enhanced identity theft protection feature available to IdentityForce clients.

If you are already an IdentityForce member and subscribe to UltraSecure or UltraSecure+Credit, you can log in to your dashboard right now and check out the Lost Wallet Assistance feature — it’s included in your membership. If you are not an IdentityForce member yet, but would like to be, learn more about our plans and pricing.