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Posted on January 5, 2017 by in Identity & Privacy, Personal

At IdentityForce, we’re big believers in the fact that trust is an essential component of any relationship, and that it’s something that must be earned. Our members, customers, and partners trust us to protect personal identities every day, so we started this blog series to pull back the curtain and provide you with full transparency behind our IdentityForce team.. We will continue to regularly post employee profiles, so keep checking back to learn more about the identity protection professionals at IdentityForce and how committed we are to protecting what matters most.

Personal Life & Work Intertwine to Fuel Love of Marketing

Donna ParentDonna Parent is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and recently joined the IdentityForce team in October 2016. She began her career, and her love of writing, as a newspaper reporter, and then quickly found her way into Marketing at high-tech, emerging software companies. Donna joined the IdentityForce team to further expand the company’s footprint for both the consumer and the business channels. As the mom of young boys, many of her hobbies currently revolve around their interests: LEGO® building, facilitating arts and crafts projects, and even participating in Pokémon card trading. She knows her way around a kitchen and frequently channels her Italian roots to cook big meals – and a variety of desserts – for her family.

Donna’s love for Marketing seeps into her personal world frequently. Case-in-point – with both of her children born in the summer, she enjoys planning fun, interactive outdoor parties. From Peter Pan to Sesame Street to safari themed parties, no detail is too small to ensure that both children and adults thoroughly enjoy themselves.

40-year Heritage, Customer-first Culture, and IdentityForce’s Entrepreneurial Atmosphere Makes for a Perfect Fit

Donna is now three months into her role at IdentityForce, and her passion and commitment to identity theft protection is quite palpable. She explained that she was excited about IdentityForce from her first meeting with CEO Steven Bearak, who co-founded the company. IdentityForce has roots that span decades in personal security and protection, as for nearly 40 years, the Bearak family has pioneered the Identity Protection Services industry. Donna said that she was extremely impressed by the heritage of the company and that the U.S. government awarded IdentityForce elite Tier-One status as an approved provider of identity protection services for data breaches affecting over 21.5 million people.

A tell-tale sign of a company’s success is also based on customer feedback. Donna has been analyzing the results of the 2016 IdentityForce Member Survey, and she’s seen first-hand the highest levels of customer engagement and positive feedback that many software companies could only dream of having.

“The customer engagement and trust, along with the peace of mind we deliver to our members, is without a doubt key to driving the trajectory of IdentityForce in 2017 and beyond,” she explained. “What’s really impressed me is how engaged and appreciative our members are and how much they really do value the services IdentityForce is delivering to them and their families.” She was amazed that, although IdentityForce has been around for essentially 40 years, it’s still operating with a high-energy, high-impact, entrepreneurial spirit, which she loves.

As Senior Vice President of Marketing, Donna leads all of IdentityForce’s integrated go-to-market corporate initiatives. That means she’s responsible for everything from creative campaigns to branding, messaging, and positioning, to working directly with the sales, services, and product teams. She’ll also be collaborating with partners to deliver marketing plans, accelerate customer acquisition and further optimize the customer journey, while producing engaging materials – for both print and digital purposes. Needless to say, Donna has a lot on her plate!

Before working for IdentityForce, Donna knew about identity theft and the alarming statistics surrounding it. However, after she was hired and learned more, Donna was most surprised by how common child identity theft is.

“Even with two young boys of my own, child identity theft isn’t something I really thought about. But after digging in and learning that more than 1.3 million kids are affected annually, and 50 percent are under six years old, I became acutely aware just how prevalent and impactful it is among children,” she said. “Children are viewed as pristine opportunities for thieves to go after, especially before adulthood, because identity theft can go unnoticed for years.” Working for the only company that provides ChildWatch services free to employers who offer IdentityForce to their employees, was also another powerful indicator of IdentityForce’s commitment to protecting what matters most. IdentityForce is also the only identity protection provider awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal.

When asked if she had a top piece of advice she’d give someone to help them avoid being the victim of identity theft, her matter-of-fact response was, “Yes — sign up for IdentityForce!”

“I’m really excited about the future. We’ll be able to penetrate through a crowded industry so people can truly understand why going with such a trusted service like IdentityForce is crucial to protecting the personal identities of people everywhere.”