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Happy Mother's day
Posted on May 8, 2014 by in Children & Families, Identity & Privacy, Personal

Mother’s Day is May 11. So don’t forget to send flowers and a card to say thanks to your mom for all of her love and support. Another great gift you can give mom for Mother’s Day is to help keep her safe from identity theft.

Play It Safe By Shredding Unwanted Junk Mail

Mothers of all ages can be impacted by identity theft. For the less digital-savvy mom in your life who has yet to adopt a “paperless” lifestyle, a shredder is a great gift. Of course this is a bit like buying someone a toaster for an anniversary gift, so make sure you wrap it with pretty paper and deliver it along with a bouquet of flowers, or a big box of chocolates!

Shredders are easy-to-use tools for disposing of unwanted mail that will likely have her personal information printed on it.

If she feels ambitious she can do a bit of spring cleaning for her existing financial paperwork and cut down on accumulated clutter.

Managing Mom’s Digital Devices

You can also lend a helping hand when it comes to managing her digital devices. She’ll appreciate tips on how to keep her device’s software up-to-date and therefore safer. Make sure she knows the importance of password protecting or “locking” her devices in case of theft or loss. Tell her to password protect her Wi-Fi signal at home too so that nobody is “piggy backing” off of it or, worse, stealing her information while she is shopping or banking online.

Make sure she knows to keep her passwords in a safe place away from her computer or digital devices. This is especially important if mom has caretakers visiting her at home and you can’t be there to supervise. In case of prying eyes, you want to make sure all of mom’s personal sensitive information, especially her passwords, is safely out of sight.

Avoid Social Over Sharing

For younger moms and new moms who are more digital-savvy it can be quite tempting to blast out every detail of their new baby’s developmental milestones on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Google +. While this is a lot of fun (and who doesn’t like a good “brag book”?) this is actually bad idea. Why? Because most people don’t keep their social media accounts’ privacy settings up-to-date.

So make sure these proud mommas know that less is more. She should keep her account limited to known friends and family and never publish her kids’ birthdates and names on her social media posts. Cyber thieves troll social media sites for children’s personal information so they can set up new credit card accounts in their name. A thief could do quite a bit of damage before anyone found out. We recommend signing mom up for IdentityForce’s UltraSecure+Credit with ChildWatch. Mom will be alerted of any suspicious activity on her accounts or about her children on one easy-to-use dashboard.

Happy Mother’s Day

Helping keep mom’s identity safe is a great gift that she will appreciate for years to come. We hope that you and all the moms in your life have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Sheree Altobelle.