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Next Generation Identity Theft Protection
Posted on March 22, 2018 by in Business, Identity & Privacy, Personal

IdentityForce, now in its 40th year of business, has earned its place as the most member-centric and trusted identity protection solution – continually driving award-winning and groundbreaking enhancements in identity theft protection. We are committed to delivering best-in-class innovation to stay ahead of the latest advancements in identity theft scams. We do this by continuously keeping our finger on the pulse of fraud trends, while also actively listening and responding to our members and delivering 24/7 world-class customer support.

As you can see from the above video we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming rollout of our new user interface (UI) and dashboard, which will be available to all IdentityForce members by mid-April 2018.

IdentityForce’s new dashboard has slashed data entry for our members by more than 70 percent, while also providing a streamlined UI, which we believe now fuels the industry’s fastest setup of identity theft protection. This new interface enables members to rapidly take control of their identity monitoring while also making its navigation much more intuitive. In a recent meeting with one of our strategic partners, they said that our new dashboard showcased, “…an incredibly rich interface, while being easy to use.” Mission accomplished!

From a design perspective, the new dashboard was modeled after IdentityForce Mobile to enable seamless portability between devices. This means that the new dashboard translates perfectly whether viewing it via desktop or via any device where a member logs in through our secure web page. And, when members are ready to view the IdentityForce Mobile app on their mobile device, they’ll easily see a complementary look and feel.

Another advancement includes a new Account Setup Wizard to help members remove the guesswork from getting the most out of their identity theft protection. Upon logging in for the first time, members will receive self-guided tool tips which highlight all the features associated with their account.

The new IdentityForce dashboard is the latest innovation we’ve made to improve and streamline our members’ experience, all while protecting what matters most. In 2017 we launched the IdentityForce Mobile App and Social Media Identity Monitoring. Both of these were also influenced and inspired by feedback from our members, clients, and partners. In fact, whenever we have a major set of new capabilities under development, we will ask our members to participate in a preview community so that they can further influence the enhancements before they go live.

Our dedication to continuous improvement is inspired by a combination of this feedback and our steadfast commitment to our members to continuously deliver the identity theft protection capabilities needed to protect everything they’ve spent their lives building. You can learn more about our promise to the IdentityForce community in our 50-point Member Manifesto.

We are currently performing a tiered rollout of the new dashboard to ensure there is no interruption for our members. For those who have not been upgraded yet, we expect to be fully transitioned by mid-April 2018.

Please visit our website for additional identity theft protection tools and resources, including our new dashboard tutorial videos. You can also gain access to our on-demand webinar for an inside look at the latest threats facing consumers and businesses, and a view of the new IdentityForce dashboard.

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