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Identity Thief Causing Data Breaches on Computers and Mobile Devices
Posted on October 31, 2018 by in Data Breach & Technology, Identity & Privacy, Personal

Data breaches have shown no sign of slowing down as we approach the end of the year. October saw millions of individuals get exposed by manufacturers, utility companies, federal agencies, airlines, ticketing systems, and even Google. Have a look below to see if your personal information may be involved.

Here are the recent data breaches that made headlines in October 2018:


Hackers made off with the names, home addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, financial information, and Social Security numbers of 19,000 current and former employees after breaching the email system of Toyota Industries North America.


Apollo, a company who provides sales engagement solutions to its clients, had its prospect database hacked to the tune of 200 million records. The stolen data included names, job titles, employers, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Central Maine Power

More than 77,000 customers had their names, addresses, and utility account numbers exposed in a Central Main Power data breach. Human error on the part of the company’s IT department led to a security lapse where customer letters sat unprotected online.


A security bug allowed Google+ users‘ profile data to be accessed by third-party developers dating back to 2015. The information of 496,951 users included names, email addresses, birth dates, gender, photos, places lived, occupation, and relationship status could be seen. Google has responded by deciding to shut down the service over the next 10 months.

Department of Defense (DoD)

Unauthorized hackers gained access to the Pentagon, capturing information on 30,000 Department of Defense employees. The data was breached via a system that maintained employee travel records, and included credit card numbers.

U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

CMS detected a data breach affecting that put the personal information of 75,000 individuals at risk. The compromised Direct Enrollment program is used by brokers to help consumers get insurance coverage.

Cathay Pacific

Hackers breached the system of Hong Kong-based airline, Cathay Pacific, exposing 9.4 million travelers’ phone numbers, dates of birth, frequent flier membership numbers, passport and government ID numbers, and email addresses.

Jones Eye Clinic

Patients of Sioux City-based Jones Eye Clinic have had sensitive personal information exposed following a cyberattack. The names, dates of birth, dates of service, medical record numbers, and Social Security numbers of 40,000 people were captured in a ransomware attack that infiltrated the clinic’s information systems.


As many as 10,000 customers of Raley’s pharmacy may have had their medical information compromised after a laptop was stolen. Names, birth dates, medical conditions, and health plan ID numbers were among the data on the laptop.


Attendees of the 2014 popular EDM festival, Tomorrowland, were exposed after hackers infiltrated its Paylogic ticketing system. Personal information including names, addresses, age, postcodes, and genders of 64,000 concert-goers were exposed.

Be sure to check back next month for the latest major data breaches in 2018.