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Posted on May 12, 2021 by in Identity & Privacy, Personal

Identity Fraud Takes a Serious Toll on Individuals

More than just financial losses, which can rack up to over $1,300 per identity theft incident, individuals everywhere are impacted by stress, lost hours of work and productivity, and collateral damage of time away from family or friends.

personal impact of identity theft

Although there’s a ton of anxiety and uncertainty around what to do next when you are a victim of identity theft, are steps you can take and resources that can guide you to restoring your good name.

Discover in 15 Minutes the Steps to Identity Restoration

Helping individuals recover from identity fraud has always been at the heart of Sontiq’s brands and mission. With data breaches and security incidents on the rise — most recently the Experian data leak of millions of Americans’ credit scores — now is the time to learn how to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Watch our on-demand 15-minute webinar where we will cover real-world examples of identity fraud cases, explore the toll identity theft can have, and best of all, one of our expert Resolution Specialists will share tips on what you can do if you should find yourself a victim of identity theft.