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Posted on June 25, 2015 by in Identity & Privacy, Personal

One day, you might be curious and type your name into Google to see what personal information exists about you on the internet. Maybe you only expect to find LinkedIn and Facebook results, or a company profile page? Instead, you get a wakeup call.

Your search reveals your age and address online, plus the names of your children and other relatives, previous home addresses, employers, your maiden name, and even court records.

Online public records sites such as Spokeo, Been Verified, Intelius, and PeopleFinder generate revenue by buying and selling this information. Their listings, rarely submitted by users, contain a wealth of details that can easily be used for identity theft.

It’s difficult for an individual to remove all their information, according to Steve Bearak, CEO of IdentityForce. “There are a lot of public records sites, and new ones appear all the time,” he says. “Identity thieves can use this information to steal your identity or create a new identity. This is a major security and privacy concern.”

As a way to help people take control of their personal information that is found online, IdentityForce includes a best-in-class product called DeleteNow™. The service scans the Internet, with a focus on public records sites, and gives you a detailed report of information that has been made public. You can confirm whether the information relates to you — or of someone else with the same name — and then, if appropriate, give IdentityForce the go-ahead to delete the data from those sites.

Addressing the Problem

IdentityForce launched DeleteNow in 2012 as a way to enhance privacy. Bearak says many people don’t realize that when they digitally sign user agreements — the kind found when downloading apps, for example — they may be inadvertently giving a particular company permission to sell their personal information.

Popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have these agreements. However, such information can also be collected from public documents like real estate records, police records, motor vehicle records and voter registration records. Although you have the option to contact each site to remove information, the process can be time-consuming. Plus, it’s easy to miss less popular sites.

Easy Activation

If you are an IdentityForce customer, you can take advantage of DeleteNow today. Simply activate the service on your IdentityForce dashboard. In seconds you will see the search results. You can then do nothing or click a button to ask the company to delete your personal information from their site

DeleteNow enhances your privacy and adds another layer of identity protection. Best of all it is easy to use and a quick way to remove your personal information from people search sites

Unfortunately since these public record sites constantly add more information, your personal data could eventually end up on the sites again. The good news here is DeleteNow scans for new listings with your name and other identifying facts on a quarterly basis. If more information about you is found, you’ll receive an alert and be able to easily remove your listings. Later this year, the service will also feature the ability to scan for photographs, giving you even more power to manage online content.

“We integrated DeleteNow into our identity theft protection packages because we felt it was an important part of privacy protection for our subscribers,” says Bearak. “By having several products bundled together, it increases protection and significantly lowers the risk of identity theft.”

Have a question about DeleteNow or want more details about how the service can work for you? Contact us and we can help get you started on the path to better identity and privacy protection.