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a group discussing the rollout of their identity theft protection employee benefit
Posted on October 23, 2017 by in Business, Employee Benefits

Organizations are beginning to offer more progressive benefits—benefits that go beyond the core of health, dental, and paid time off—to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. In light of the recent Equifax data breach that impacted over 145 million people, employee-centric companies are making a point to prioritize identity theft protection as a new progressive benefit in order to protect employees, their families, and by extension, sensitive company information.

According to results from the first IdentityForce Progressive Benefits Survey, which polled 100+ HR professionals across the U.S., 58% of companies are currently evaluating progressive-type benefits for employees, or plan to soon. One of these benefits, identity theft protection, is expected to double in adoption by employers to 70% by 2018.

IdentityForce has a proven, 3-step process for introducing identity theft protection to new employee communities—making it a worry and hassle-free rollout. It couldn’t be easier to launch this high-value employee benefit.

  1. Engagement platform integration: We work with HR teams to create a seamless experience by integrating with existing enrollment platforms, using SFTP file transfer for secure data exchange, and offering an IdentityForce HR dashboard.
  2. Meaningful marketing support: From joint collateral to webinars and live presentations for your employees, we provide the support to educate your employees fast, while reinforcing the values and culture of your company.
  3. World-class support: Our customer support line has 24/7 assistance available.

Once IdentityForce is made available to your employees, we continue to support HR for the lifetime of the partnership. We do this by:

  • Collaborating with HR teams to understand the best ways to communicate with employees throughout the year
  • Building programs and materials that will resonate with employees
  • Sharing insights into the latest innovations that IdentityForce is working on, providing identity theft education, and supporting materials, and always ensuring we’re delivering upon our promise to protect what matters most

Getting started with IdentityForce is easy for HR professionals. The typical roll-out time can be anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on your company’s resources and availability. And, it can be offered as either a core benefit or a voluntary one paid for by the employee.

As an extra benefit for your employees, we also offer free ChildWatch for any children in their household under the age of 26. Children are 51 times more likely than adults to be victims of identity theft and IdentityForce provides an added layer of protection. Additionally, if your company were to suffer a data breach, we offer an Exclusive Breach Guarantee. IdentityForce will provide white-glove restoration services to any of your employees affected by the breach for 12 months—all at zero cost to your company!

We’ve seen some companies push their identity protection benefits out ahead of the close of open enrollment due to the Equifax breach. They want to show their employees that they care, and to offer them this added layer of protection. Whether you’d like to fast-track your company’s identity theft benefits before open enrollment closes, or you’re considering the addition of this high-value benefit to your portfolio, IdentityForce can help.

Interested in learning more about progressive employee benefits like identity theft protection? Access the on-demand playback from our 15-minute webinar, Employee Benefits: Best Practices & Strategies.