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Mitigating Fraud webinar
Posted on January 19, 2021 by in Business, Business Partners, Corporate ID Protection, Data Breach & Technology, Personal

Cyberthieves Targeting Your Account Holders

Fraudsters continue to target individuals and businesses aggressively as a profit source for sensitive personal and financial information by way of data breaches and scams — from credit card fraud to account takeovers to unemployment scams. Customers see their banks and credit unions as trusted stewards to assist in protecting their personal profiles and financial assets from the multitude of breaches — at least two per year — that customers have experienced outside of the financial institution’s own walls.

Protect Your Customer’s Entire Digital Footprint       

Increasingly online behaviors and multiple device usage further fuels the chances of identity or financial compromise. Today’s financial institutions must be able to safeguard the sensitive personal and financial information of their customers/members, protecting the entire digital footprint against the fallout of fraud and security incidents.Impact of Data Breaches whitepaper

Watch this on-demand 30-minute webinar to learn how cyber threats and financial fraud can put customer relationships and retention at risk. Sontiq’s Donna Parent, CMO, hosted the session in partnership with Breach Clarity’s Jim Van Dyke, CEO and Co-founder. Give your account holders the power to cut through the data breach noise and protect their personal digital footprint while preserving their business and your relationships.

BONUS! On-Demand webinar viewers will also gain immediate access to Sontiq’s new whitepaper The Impact of Data Breaches & Cyber Threats on Banks and Credit Unions.

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