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a shredder being used to help protect from employee identity theft
Posted on February 13, 2017 by in Business, Employee Benefits, ID Protection Tips & Awareness

You trust your employees with a lot. You let them bring company laptops home, grant them access to files with sensitive firm data, and share classified information that your competitors would love to get their hands on. And in turn, your employees take your trust seriously and do their best to protect your company.

But what are you doing to protect your team from employee identity theft?

Each person that works for you has willingly given you their personal information. Somewhere in your files, you have the stuff identity thieves dream about: full names, addresses, phone numbers, health insurance information, and the Holy Grail—social security numbers. What steps are you taking to make sure none of that information is stolen?

Don’t just brush off the security of your employees. In addition to the risk of identity theft, your company could be found negligent in securing employee information if one or more of your workers is impacted. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

If you haven’t yet, get to work on finding ways to help protect your employees from identity theft. Here are a few ways:

  • Conduct a company-wide audit. Look at how the information of personnel is currently stored and used on a daily basis, and look for gaps that identity thieves could take advantage of.
  • Develop internal policies and protocol for the storage, handling, and sharing of employee information. Be sure employees are trained on these rules, especially those that handle this type of data regularly.
  • All sensitive employee information should be locked away at all times. This includes locked filing cabinets for hard copies, and password-protected files on computers.
  • When assigning employee numbers for your records, choose random number – don’t use social security numbers.
  • Invest in cross-cutting paper shredders for all employees to encourage the safe disposal of sensitive information that is no longer needed.
  • Don’t hire any new employees without conducting background and criminal checks; this is especially important when hiring employees that will have access to personal information. Remember to include temporary workers – they may have short-term contracts, but they can do long-term damage within your business.
  • Conduct regular training in which you educate employees about the dangers of identity theft and any new scams they should be aware of. Sometimes, identity thieves will send realistic-looking phishing e-mails to employees in an attempt to get them to share sensitive files, like W-2s.
  • Offer identity theft protection services as an employee benefit. This is a nice way to show your employees that you care about them and value their personal data. With IdentityForce, an employee is alerted in the event someone fraudulently uses his or her identity. In addition to helping to protect the employee with early detection, it may also help you identify a breach in your company if that’s where the information was originally stolen from.

Identity theft protection services are a high-value benefit for your employees, and low-cost for you. Learn more about how IdentityForce can help your business keep employee information away from prying eyes.

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