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Best Identity Theft Protection for Businesses
Posted on August 8, 2018 by in About Identity Protection, Breach Response, Business, Corporate ID Protection, Employee Benefits

Adding a new employee benefit can be a stressful experience for HR departments of all sizes. In fact, according to Employee Benefit News (EBN), employee well-being and mental health remain one of the top issues for organizations, and therefore the pressure on HR to deliver the right benefits at the right time increases.

One of the fastest-growing benefits offered by employers is identity theft protection. That same EBN article also emphasizes that cyber breaches and data security remain a top HR challenge. And, it’s easy to see why – cloud-based systems, Bring Your Own Device policies, and social media usage in the workplace – essentially, employee and sensitive information is everywhere. The stats are also alarming. Nearly one-third of data breach victims have their identity stolen, and, companies of all sizes and all industries are targeted by daily cyberattacks. According to Willis Towers Watson, 36 percent of employers currently offer ID theft protection to their employees. And, that number is expected to jump to 63 percent by 2021.

IdentityForce is consistently the top-rated provider of identity theft protection by research firms and third-party ratings sites. This is further reinforced by our 95 percent customer satisfaction and 98 percent customer retention rates.

Backed by more than 40 years in the personal identity security space, our team is dedicated to not only protecting our partners’ employees but helping individuals to fully recover if their identity is indeed compromised. We have a 100% restoration recovery success rate – which you can learn more about our 8-step resolution process in a recent webinar I hosted. On a larger scale, if an organization who has signed up with IdentityForce experiences a data breach impacting workforce data, our Exclusive Breach Guarantee provides all employees with our restoration and recovery services for 12 months – regardless if they are enrolled in the benefit. Additionally, for employees who are enrolled in the benefit, we will protect their children (dependents aged 25 and under) at no cost through our award-winning ChildWatch product.

Experience IdentityForce for Yourself

Not only are we rated the best identity theft protection in the industry, we make rolling IdentityForce out to your employees a seamless implementation. Whether voluntary or employer-paid, our proven, 3-step process for introducing the industry’s best identity theft protection gets your workforce excited and engaged in the adoption of this high-value benefit.

Before you make your decision, we’d love for you to experience IdentityForce for yourself and select team members. You can get started with a Free Trial by clicking here.

For more information about how we protect you and your employees, and why IdentityForce stands alone in the identity theft protection marketplace, download our latest whitepaper – The Three Pillars of ID Theft Protection.

Three Pillars of Identity Theft Protection whitepaper