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Posted on August 10, 2020 by in Business, Children & Families, Employee Benefits, Identity & Privacy, Personal, Scam Alerts

FTC Reports $130M+ in Consumer Fraud from COVID-19 Scams

Sontiq has recorded a 15-minute webinar to help anyone combat COVID-19 scam fatigue and prepare for what’s ahead.


Anyone interested in anti-fatigue methods designed to protect their sensitive personal information and financial health from prevalent COVID-19 scams will find value in this on-demand webinar. The topic is especially timely, given the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) now reports over $130 million lost to coronavirus fraud, while phishing scams have increased by 350%.

View the on-demand webinar and you’ll gain exclusive access to key resources to protect yourself and all those you care about from COVID-19 fraud.

watch the COVID-19 scam fatigue webinar now