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Posted on April 8, 2020 by in Breach Response, Business, Corporate ID Protection, Safeguarding Customers

As COVID-19 transforms much of the workforce into remote employees, there are increased questions around the long-term security challenges that come with protecting the information — both the business and personal data — accessible in these home environments.

Teleworking creates a heightened risk, especially where personal devices are increasingly used for business. Users may be more likely to click on links haphazardly, even more so on mobile devices. Even surfing the Web becomes more of a mental health break (or an opportunity to catch the latest updates on coronavirus news,) so many of the same security challenges and recommendations still apply.

No matter the path a hacker or fraudster takes to steal sensitive information, it also increases the businesses’ vulnerability of a data breach. According to a recent article published in, when an employee works from home, many of the security protocols set up by the organization on-site evaporate.

These include firewalls, network analysis and forensics, and email spam filters designed to catch malicious code and phishing attempts before they even access employee computers…In a study on mobile workforce security, 81% of organizations reported they had seen Wi-Fi-related security incidents in the last year, with 62% of these occurring in cafés and coffee shops.”

And, there’s more. Google reports that phishing sites alone have increased 350% since the beginning of 2020, and in a recent CNBC survey, more than 1 out of 3 of senior IT executives report that cybersecurity threats have increased as more employees are working from home. Not to mention, remote work also puts the sensitive information of the business at risk.

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How can you protect your business and employees from many of these remote security pitfalls? Simple habits, such as maintaining software security updates and educating your employees on password updates, can substantially reduce your risk. In addition, being proactive in preparing for a data breach event can save you thousands of dollars, reduce time lost, and protect your customer relationships.

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