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Evernote Data Breach
Posted on October 2, 2019 by in About Identity Protection, Business, Business Partners, Corporate ID Protection, Data Breach & Technology, Employee Benefits

When you search for data breach news, the flurry of topics vary from Yahoo paying consumers close to $358 as part of its breach settlement to understanding the Marriott data breach and its impact to companies spending upwards of $1.41 million to cover the cost of a security incident. That’s a lot of breach news! Not to mention the daily cycle of security incidents, phishing emails, cell phone takeovers, and dangerous compromises at every turn geared to steal our personal information.

At this point, we’re all trying to get more proactive. Google is a good example. Announced in October 2019, Google is trying to help consumers navigate through the stress of data breaches by rolling out a Password Checkup tool that will monitor passwords and alert you if there’s a security issue or possibility that your password may have been compromised in a third-party data breach or security incident.

At IdentityForce, a Sontiq brand, we’re excited to share our 15-minute webinar, Data Breach Readiness: Staying Ahead of Cyberthieves. During this session, our Chief Information Security Officer, Steve Turner, and I reviewed:

  • Top 3 Attacks | Happening now and everywhere around you — here’s what you can do to avoid popular scams — whether targeting you personally or your company.
  • Proactive Control | See the newest program built for Data Breach Readiness, so your business can get ahead and minimize customer risk.
  • Rapid Resolution | Getting back to pre-event status is critical for you, your employees, and your business — and you need the right help to get there.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to a new whitepaper: Risky Business v2.0 | The Impact of Today’s Data Breaches on a Business & Its Employeesalong with meaningful resources to further protect against security incidents

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