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EZShield Launches Mobile Defense Suite
Posted on November 14, 2018 by in Business, Business Partners, Corporate ID Protection, Data Breach & Technology, ID Protection Tips & Awareness, Identity & Privacy, Personal

By joining forces in August 2018, EZShield + IdentityForce have created a powerhouse in digital identity theft protection and cybersecurity. The synergies in our cultures and unrelenting commitment to stay on the cutting edge of product innovation to protect the digital footprint of consumers and organizations has been further underscored by EZShield’s latest breakthrough in Mobile Threat Defense – Mobile Defense Suite™.

As the market’s first pure-play identity theft protection company to pair its solution with mobile cybersecurity, EZShield is also extending the value of ID theft protection to IT and InfoSec teams. This is achieved through Mobile Defense Suite’s ability to provide comprehensive visibility into mobile devices accessing the network, alerting both the individuals and the enterprise of threats that may warrant further action. The Mobile Defense Suite arms all audiences with the power to thwart digital and cyber threats by delivering 100 percent peace-of-mind for individuals and empowering organizations to protect against a potential security incident or data breach.

Four Layers of Mobile Device Protection

EZShield’s Mobile Defense Suite was designed to protect against cyber threats targeting the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the device owner, and anyone with whom they share a network. Additionally, by allowing users to identify mobile threats before a compromise occurs, they can safeguard their device’s future performance. EZShield accomplished this in four key areas:

  1. An Award-Winning Mobile App

EZShield’s mobile app enables members to take action in the event of suspicious activity involving their PII, anywhere, anytime. Mobile Defense Suite is built on the foundation of our Mobile App, which recently earned the 2018 Innovative Solutions Award for Best Authentication/Fraud/Cybersecurity Solution from BankNews.

  1. Mobile Attack Control™

The first new solution built for Mobile Defense Suite, Mobile Attack Control enables individuals to scan their devices and identify threats including rogue applications, malware, spyware, unsecure Wi-Fi connections, and even spoof networks.

  1. Mobile Attack View™

This tool for IT and InfoSec teams provides a single, enterprise-level view of all the mobile devices connected to your network. It provides insights if someone from your customer or employee population has a vulnerability on their device that could pose a threat.

  1. Mobile Attack Recovery™

When an incident occurs, and an identity is compromised, EZShield provides individuals with 100 percent white-glove restoration. Learn more about the proprietary, fully managed identity resolution process EZShield Restoration.

EZShield’s Mobile Defense Suite uniquely focuses on mitigating threats both for the individual digital footprint and the enterprise – and I’m excited that in early 2019 these capabilities will also be included in IdentityForce’s award-winning mobile app.

How to Get EZShield’s Mobile Defense SuiteMobile Defense Suite datasheet

The first step for consumers is to download the EZShield mobile app in the iTunes store or Google Play. You will need to enroll in an identity protection plan to access all features.

  • Mobile Attack Control and Mobile Attack Recovery will be available to everyone by December 15th, 2018.
  • Mobile Attack View will be available to enterprises in January 2019.
  • Mobile Defense Suite will be offered by IdentityForce in early 2019.

For more information on Mobile Defense Suite and its applications, view the datasheet.

Additionally, if you are an existing EZShield partner and would like to learn more about Mobile Defense Suite, email us at or call 877-339-0027.

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