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employee identity theft protection
Posted on December 12, 2016 by in Business, Employee Benefits

No matter how many years you’ve been in business, you’ve never quite perfected the art of employee and customer gift-giving during the holiday season. Sure, you’ve given out gift cards, bottles of wine but it’s always felt a little impersonal and frankly, very expensive. You love being able to show appreciation to the people who keep your company running, but you’ve always been hoping to find a gift that’s a little more…useful.

Don’t worry! We have a creative idea for you that, as of this year, is also tax-deductible: customer and employee identity theft protection services.

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. becomes a victim of identity fraud. For your employees and customers, it’s not just a matter of if they will have their identities stolen, but when. Unfortunately, as pervasive as identity theft is in the world today, many people just assume it will never happen to them and don’t think to invest in any protection. By offering identity theft protection as an employee benefit, you’re showing your support system that you value their hard work and want to take care of them all year long — not just during the holiday season.

Keep in mind that some of your employees may not understand how valuable identity theft protection services are. Don’t just tell them you’ve signed them up with IdentityForce — give them a flyer or pamphlet that explains exactly why identity theft protection is important, what their employee identity theft protection services include (monitoring, alerts, restoration services, etc.), and why you wanted to give them this gift. A heartfelt note will show that you put real thought into your gift and want to keep them safe.

Identity theft protection is something that will help your employees, not just in their personal lives, but professional as well. And yes, it’s even going to help you and the entire business as a whole.

Some businesses only provide identity theft services to employees or customers after the company has suffered a data breach. The IRS learned from employers, though, that it would be extremely helpful to make identity theft protection tax-deductible so they can offer these services before their organization suffers a breach. Why before?

  • There has been a “significant increase” when it comes to data breaches that target the personal information of employees, customers, and others.
  • Although many companies do their best to help prevent data breaches with firewalls and anti-virus software, there are several that still feel a breach is inevitable. They want to be proactive and put safeguards in place ahead of time.
  • By protecting employees beforehand, employers say that if a breach occurs, it will be discovered much more quickly and thus, they’ll be able to minimize any impact to their operations.

The IRS agreed with the employers it heard from, and as of 2016, identity theft protection services offered to employees or customers before a breach are tax-deductible.

You’re not too late — IdentityForce can help you get your gift of employee identity theft protection ready for your team and customers in time for the holidays. Call us now at 1-877-433-6723 to learn more.


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