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Posted on April 27, 2017 by in Business, Employee Benefits

IdentityForce’s release of our mobile app for iOS and Android is about much more than a new product launch. It’s about the journey our team went through to develop and build an important solution that our members really wanted – and not just what we thought they needed. We knew it would take longer to involve our members, but for us, it wasn’t about being the first. It has and always will be about delivering the best to protect our members every day. Here’s the inside story on how we accomplished this with IdentityForce Mobile.

Melding Mobile Technology with our Members’ Feedback

For the past year, we’ve been listening. IdentityForce’s product development and marketing teams have been rigorously surveying our members. The feedback we needed and we received from our members was concentrated on uncovering what they wanted in an identity theft protection mobile app.

And, so, as we listened, we heard our members, and here’s a sample of what they were telling us:

  • I would log in more often if you had a mobile app.
  • A mobile app would be useful to access any alerts I receive if I’m traveling.
  • A secure mobile app, ideally with Touch ID, to quickly check alerts is the feature I want the most.
  • I think a mobile app would significantly increase my usage of IdentityForce’s available services.
  • I would love to see a mobile app that I could log into using Touch ID, that would allow me to address actionable items such as monitoring alerts against multiple accounts.

As result of our internal product planning sessions and the feedback we initially received from our members, we knew we were ready to go into development. Our focus would be to build a mobile app that was highly secure and provided real-time alerting – all with the singular goal of enabling members to spot fraud quickly.

Mobile Beta Group Provides Invaluable Direction for Improvements

After months of design and development, we were ready for our members to test the beta version of IdentityForce Mobile; we began reaching out and asking for volunteers. During the beta testing, we received feedback that further influenced the user experience (UX), including formatting and display of our real-time alerts and streamlining the display of credit scores. The result of some of that member feedback can be seen in the three main screen image samples below:

Full Transparency | Why iOS and Android?

What made us decide to launch on iOS and Android? Well, we did the usual review of penetration numbers on popular mobile operating systems. However, we wanted to hear what our members wanted. As part of our annual member survey in late 2016, we asked:

Question: Which is Your Primary Mobile Operating System?

With iOS and Android being the clear leaders, we moved forward in introducing IdentityForce Mobile with those two platforms. However, we’ll continue to keep a careful watch on our members’ preferences and see if Windows starts to become more widespread.

Four Key Areas to Bring Identity Theft Protection Services Mobile!

Here’s what’s included in IdentityForce Mobile, enabling members to instantly access all their personal identity protection information with just a few taps of their smartphones:

  • Rapid Alert Dashboard | Provides an on-demand snapshot view of all alert notifications so that members can stay informed with one touch details.
  • Financial and Personal Information Protection | Enables members to spot fraud quickly and stay on top of their key financial account activity. Members also have visibility into their personal account information and whether there is any dark web activity, the unindexed portion of the Internet.
  • Comprehensive Credit Monitoring | Members with accounts that have credit monitoring gain immediate access to their credit scores and alerts with tips to help understand ratings and when to take action regarding potential fraud.
  • Secure Mobile Access | Includes Two Factor Authentication (2FA) requiring a second form of authentication – a verification code – delivered by email, text, or phone, going beyond only User ID and Password credentials; and Touch ID fingerprint access, the de facto standard for proof of identity.

Try IdentityForce Mobile Today!

We’d love to hear what you think! To sign up for IdentityForce Mobile, you must first be a member of IdentityForce. You can learn more about how to sign up and then you’ll be able to access IdentityForce Mobile within the Google Play store for Android or the App Store for iOS and have control of your identity – anywhere, at any time.