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IdentityForce digital identity theft protection platform
Posted on January 11, 2018 by in Business

We are thrilled to announce that IdentityForce has been named the 2017 Best-in-Class service provider for Identity Theft Protection by Javelin Strategy & Research. Javelin offers the industry’s most comprehensive market research and analysis on identity protection vendors. IdentityForce beat out 17 other vendors after being ranked on more than 120 evaluation criteria. This award reinforces our position as a trusted partner for consumers, businesses, and government agencies, and marks the 8th industry accolade we received for 2017.

According to Javelin, it was IdentityForce’s forward-thinking solutions that separated us from the pack. Our digital-oriented identity protection platform, which we continuously improve based on consumer feedback, works in concert with the technology-driven landscape we live in.

In 2017 we launched several new products and features to bolster service offerings and capabilities. By integrating our data security tools, we were able to improve our customer experience while helping subscribers secure their broader digital life. These launches, combined with technological advancements, positioned us as the leading provider of identity theft protection on the market.

10 Digital Capabilities that Placed IdentityForce above 17 Other ID Protection Providers

Here are 10 IdentityForce award-winning capabilities that help members secure their broader digital life:

  1. Member-influenced mobile app for iOS and Android (IdentityForce Mobile)

Using customer feedback, we launched an award-winning mobile application that allows members to take their identity theft protection anywhere. Its sleek design combined with intuitive navigation and features provides a wonderful user experience.

  1. Comprehensive Social Media Identity Monitoring suite

Nearly 80% of Americans have at least one social media profile to keep up with our interconnected world. IdentityForce monitors your profiles, and will alert you of any suspicious or inappropriate activity to stop hacks and preserve your reputation.

  1. Adherence to security standards (PCI, SOC, and NIST-compliant)

When you trust an Identity Protection Services provider with your sensitive information, you want to make sure they are committed to following the highest in regulatory standards. We take pride in making sure our customers can rest assured their information is safe with us.

  1. Security mindset through an always-secure browser for member dashboard

IdentityForce further protects its members by making our monitoring dashboard only accessible through a secure browser.

  1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for even more member security

As an added level of security, and to prevent the unauthorized access to your information on our dashboard, we provide Two-Factor Authentication to verify it is you attempting to log in.

  1. Online PC protection tools (anti-phishing and keylogging)

Some additional tools that IdentityForce provides are anti-phishing and keylogging software to protect our members while shopping, banking and sharing online from their PC.

  1. Rapid financial transaction monitoring

Members can set a certain dollar amount for bank and credit card transactions which, if exceeded, will send an alert in real-time.

  1. Rapid alerts delivered via phone, email, SMS and push notifications via mobile app

While people are always connected online, they’re not always using the same device when their information is potentially at risk. IdentityForce covers all the bases to ensure you see an alert when a potential thief has used your information.

  1. Intelligent Dark Web and black-market monitoring

The Dark Web is the criminal underbelly of the internet where hackers buy and sell personal information, leading to identity theft. We constantly scan this unindexed area of the Web and alert you if we find your data has been exposed.

  1. One-click to call 24/7 identity theft fraud resolution team

There’s almost nothing scarier than having your identity compromised. At the touch of a button, our top-ranked fraud resolution professionals are ready to act 24/7. The IDF team won’t rest until your identity is restored and any issues are resolved.

Evaluate our Award-Winning Capabilities Today

2017 was record year for cyberattacks, data breaches and identity theft, and there’s no sign that the pace will slow in 2018.  Tweet This! If you choose to protect yourself, your family or your employees against fraudsters this year, trust the best-in-class, IdentityForce.