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glassdoor reviews + a team discussing ways to improve their Glassdoor reviews
Posted on February 15, 2017 by in Business, Employee Benefits

Glassdoor is a monster in the online world of employee recruitment. If you’re looking to hire employees for your business, Glassdoor will rate your company on a scale of one to five stars. The average company score on the site is 3.2. Your company can do better than that, right?

One way to boost your appeal to current and prospective employees is to beef up your employee benefits package by including identity theft protection.

More on that in just a moment, but first let’s look at how you, in general, can drive up your company’s rating.

If you’re already on Glassdoor, click on “Companies,” type your business’s name and view your score. You want to aim for a 5, though even a 4 is pretty good.

If employees love your company, they need to be heard. So the first step is to tell your employees about Glassdoor and encourage them to post reviews. You’ll have to come up with an enticing incentive, though letting your employees know that you take their feedback seriously and, if there’s a problem, you’ll work to fix it may be incentive enough.

You’re very busy, though, so you may want to assign someone the task of managing the incoming reviews (or pre-existing ones if you already have an account). The review manager will be able to alert you every time a new review is posted.

New to Glassdoor? Here’s How To Get Started.

  • Set up your free employer account.
  • Update details about your company.
  • Respond to any review personally. Employees typically appreciate it when the person in charge takes the time out of their busy day to respond to them personally, and this alone can help favorably drive up your Glassdoor presence.

Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

  • Rather than fume at negative reviews, use them as guides on how to make your business a better place to work.
  • Is there a common theme among these bad reviews? If so identify the problem, then get to work fixing it. Alert your employees of these plans.

These aforementioned steps will crank up your overall score on Glassdoor. But whether you’re new to Glassdoor or have been using it for a while, you’ll want to consider adding identity theft protection to your employee benefits package.

Though more and more companies are doing this, it’s still not a standard thing; it will set you apart from many other businesses and make your already-existing employees even happier to be working for you.

Identity theft continues to be a growing problem. It’s in our faces all the time and millions of people are impacted by identity theft each year.

Give your employees an increased sense of security by adding identity theft protection to their benefits plan, as this will boost their morale and productivity and encourage more positive Glassdoor reviews.

When people hunting for jobs see that your company offers identity theft protection, while so many other businesses don’t, they will be more likely to consider working for you. This perk could make all the difference in the world.

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