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Posted on November 6, 2019 by in About Identity Protection, Breach Response, Business, Corporate ID Protection, Employee Benefits

There’s a new whitepaper from Sontiq, IdentityForce’s parent company, to help enterprises protect against the bold attempts fraudsters are making at infiltrating mobile devices and company networks to gain access to confidential employee and business information.

Download Risky Breach Business V2.0: The Impact of Today’s Data Breaches on a Business & Its Employees to learn more.

A Data Breach Impacts Your Workforce for Years to Come

To a cyber thief, having access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) — which could include addresses, phone numbers, credit information, SSNs, and more — is really the Holy Grail of digital crime.

As criminals profit off the stolen data, individuals of all ages are paying the price — with victims paying an average of $1,343 per identity theft accident.

The tactics of hackers and cybercriminals are becoming more effective, and the quantities of records in 2019 data breaches are not getting any smaller.

Businesses everywhere need to be prepared for the fallout. And, that’s why this new whitepaper, Risky Breach Business V2.0: The Impact of Today’s Data Breaches on a Business & Its Employees, has been developed. This 10-page guide will educate you about the threats we face every day along with actionable steps to protect your employees and their families.

The second annual edition of Risky Breach Business delivers an in-depth look at the impact of data breaches on business health, the loss of customer trust, and the toll identity theft has on personnel.

​Get Your Breach Protection Whitepaper Today

Learn more and download the white paper today to prepare your organization to deal with potential breaches, efficiently and effectively. You can also learn more about Sontiq’s Breach Rapid Response and Bread Readiness products here.