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Posted on August 29, 2017 by in Business, Employee Benefits

**Originally published August 29, 2017. Updated November 14, 2019**

There are two words that never fail to send chills down the spines of HR professionals everywhere: Open. Enrollment.

Open enrollment is a stressful time in the Human Resources department of businesses across the country. You’re overwhelmed with big decisions, a barrage of questions, and mountains of administrative work. Of course, there’s something exciting about creating a new benefits package each year to improve the lives of your employees—but there’s also a lot of pressure to develop a package that will make employees want to stay with your company and attract top talent at the same time.

84% of employees with high benefit satisfaction report high job satisfaction, but basic employee benefits like health and dental are no longer impressive to current and prospective employees—they’re just expected. Nearly 80% of workers would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase, so if you hit a home run with your benefit choices this open enrollment season, you have a greater chance of retaining talent, while saving money in the process.

For all the time and effort you are putting into creating a robust benefits package, you undoubtedly want to ensure that your employees are indeed taking advantage of those benefits. You may want to add all sorts of new benefits that are popular right now—financial counseling services, tuition assistance, pet insurance—but are your employees going to take advantage of them? Only 7% of global HR professionals say they are consistently delivering against their benefits plan objectives and often fail to make their messaging personal enough to resonate with their target audience. The bottom line? Employees have too many benefit decisions to make. They want to learn about benefit enrollment quickly and easily. It falls on HR to get the job done! –

Stop trying to do everything by yourself, though. You won’t be any help to your company if you burn yourself out in the quest to “win” open enrollment. One of the best (and easiest) ways to make yourself even more effective is to take advantage of vendors, benefit professionals/brokers, and technologies that can bridge the communication gap with employees. Select benefit providers who will partner with you in explaining their benefits to employees, and coach them on how to get the best value. Also, give priority to vendors with mobile capabilities—employees of all ages (not just Millennials) want their benefits on the go and accessible anywhere, any time.

Launch an Identity Theft Protection Benefit with IdentityForce

According to Willis Towers Watson, identity theft protection could be offered by 63% of employers by 2021. And with data breaches happening every day, your employees don’t just want identity theft protection as a benefit—they need it.

If you’re planning to create a robust benefits package that includes identity theft protection services, IdentityForce is a trusted option. In addition to providing award-winning services, IdentityForce will also work with you to help onboard your team. We will ensure that your employees fully understand how to get the most out of this benefit—including how to gain mobile access—and we’ll show them how easy it can be to keep identities safe – not just for them individually but for their family members too. Possibly best of all? We’ll save you and your entire HR department precious time during the busy open enrollment season.

It’s time to update your benefits portfolio during open enrollment season to reflect the needs of today’s modern workforce — let IdentityForce, a Sontiq brand, help you.

15 Minute On-demand Webinar 

Not sure where to begin or want to learn more? IdentityForce offers a succinct, but informative, 15-minute on-demand webinar, so you can gain more insight into some new ideas about how to get your employees engaged this benefit season. We’ll also share with you how easy it can be to roll out a progressive new benefit with identity theft protection. Access the on-demand webinar here.