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Posted on April 25, 2019 by in About Identity Protection, Business, Business Partners, Corporate ID Protection, Data Breach & Technology, Employee Benefits

Many Small and Medium-Sized Businesses are worried about their financial risks, and in today’s digital environment, that concern couldn’t be more warranted. In fact, 50 percent of SMBs report low confidence in how to protect themselves, their employees and their customers from a cyberattack. With employee negligence raking as the #1 cause of a data breach incident, we’re here to address the evolving identity protection and mobile cybersecurity needs of SMBs.

In order to effectively understand what SMBs need to protect themselves both from within their four falls and outside of the office, EZShield + IdentityForce did some digging with clients and partners. Here, we found three core areas that needed to be reimagined as we built our Small Business Suite (available now for purchase here). Those three areas can be summarized as the need to:

  1. Ensure that employees’ devices are protected as they serve as prime access point for an SMB’s confidential business information
  2. Additionally, protect the most valuable SMB asset – their employees. This means protecting employees’ personal identities to keep them safe and protect them from having to resolve an identity crime, which could mean hours/weeks away from the office and increased distractions
  3. Provide enterprise-class capabilities within affordable bundled solution options to meet any sized SMB, with rapid deployment

In our recent 15-minute webinar, we examined small business identity theft and the consequences your company will face as a result of confidential business, employee, or customer information getting into the wrong hands. And, how, we at EZShield + IdentityForce are committed to enabling SMBs to focus more time and attention on building capital, expanding their customer base, and creating customers for life.


Click here to watch the replay. You will receive access to EZShield’s newly published white paper, Small Business Identity Theft is Big Business for Fraudsters | How to Keep Your Business, Employees, and Customers Safe from Cybercrime.

Small Business webinar